Magnum Casing Thread Protectors

For jobs that require robust, extra heavy-duty thread protection


Our Magnum™ range of products is the perfect protection solution for scenarios where rugged transportation or harsh environments could impact your thread performance. If your thread protection objectives are simplicity, functionality, and reliability, then Magnum protectors are your solution.

Features and benefits

  • Designed for rugged thread protection with all grades of pipe
  • Reliable impact protection and sealing abilities for long-term storage and handling requirements
  • Lighter weight than composite or all steel
  • Reduces installation fatigue and freight expenses
  • Casing sizes available in recessed-liftable and non-liftable designs
  • Fully plastic
  • 100% recyclable


  • Tubing: 2 3/8- to 3 ½-in. (NUE only); 4 ½-in. (EUE only)
  • Casing: 4 ½- to 13 3/8-in.; all API thread connections
Green Magnum Casing Thread Protectors in yard
Black Magnum Casing Box Thread Protector
Blue Magnum Thread Potectors Installation
Technician working on blue Magnum Casing Thread Protectors
Black Magnum Casing Pin Thread Protector
Blue Magnum Casing Thread Protector
Orange Magnum Casing Thread Protectors in yard
Red Magnum Thread Potectors in yard

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