CDD | Cloud Data Delivery

Fast, easy, and secure data delivery


The M/D Totco™ Max™ Cloud Data Delivery service ensures fast, easy, and secure delivery of your most important asset—your data. From capturing data in the field to delivering it to the cloud, our modular, scalable solution is completely configurable to your preferences at every point in the process.

Combined with our state-of-the-art field instrumentation, wellsite data is captured and transmitted at sub-second frequency, or another customer-preferred interval. The data is securely encrypted at every phase, stored in your choice of cloud hosting service, and hosted on-premise or on a public or private cloud. Whether using industry-specific applications that rely on standard protocols or off-the-shelf business intelligence and machine learning systems, we can deliver data to a self-hosted platform or to M/D Totco’s analytics package for a complete turn-key solution.

Data access at a click

  • Cloud-to-cloud streaming service utilizing industry standard protocols, enabling real-time, in-house analysis using common business intelligence and machine learning tools
  • Leverages leading-edge cloud services enabling data lakes for fleet-wide analytics

End-to-end asset protection

  • Utilizes best practices from the industry, IT security, and data transfer to ensure well documented procedures for ease of implementation and asset confidentiality
  • Multiple mechanism authentication, providing complete access control to cloud storage
  • Data encryption at every stage, protecting all transfers from end to end

Hassle-free, preconfigured storage

  • Available on existing cloud infrastructure, allowing for preferred data governance standards by using a single cloud storage mechanism
  • Scalable platform that grows with your business
  • Effortless plug and play turn-key solution, enabling immediate access to cloud solutions
  • Max Cloud Data Delivery Flyer

Trust Center

Protecting your data is our priority. We are good stewards of your data, employing the best practices and people to provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

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