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Max Completions

Real-time completions data at your fingertips.

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Make data-driven changes at the wellsite. Focus on the things that matter most.

Max Completions utilizes a proprietary data-managing architecture to aggregate and align disparate data sources on a completions site to provide quality operational insights with context that improves efficiency and operational performance.

Using our trusted hardware solutions along with Max Completions, you can aggregate, analyze, interact with, view, and report on all your completions operations including fracturing, coiled tubing, wireline, mobile rigs, and thru tubing tools.

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Technologies utilized in these completions operations include:


  • Dedicated fracturing data aggregating hardware (Max Edge hardware)
  • Mobile application
  • Max Portal

Mobile Rigs

Coiled Tubing


  • Max Edge hardware
  • Mobile application
  • Max Portal

Thru Tubing Tools

  • Max Completions Mobile Application Flyer
  • Max Completions Quick Start User Guide
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Max Completions Mobile Application

The Max Completions mobile application simplifies and streamlines your completions data handling needs on your mobile device. You and your customers can now view and add photos, videos, and comments to available jobs on location or in your office — all from the palm of your hand.

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Industry-Leading On-Location and Remote Support

Our 24-hour global support network of technicians deploy and support hardware and software, enabling the aggregation of real-time and historical data sources.
Contact us at [email protected] or +1.936.777.6200.

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Max Platform

Let the Max Platform do the work for you. Max simplifies and streamlines your data handling needs, affording you time to focus on what matters most to you – generating actionable insights from your operational data. The platform provides the real-time ability to acquire, aggregate, visualize, and analyze data both at the edge and in the cloud.

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Data Security and Trust Center

Trust Center

Protecting your data is our priority. We are good stewards of your data, employing the best practices and people to provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

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