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Max Maintenance data on a screen

Max Maintenance

Innovative asset management tool that optimizes your equipment strategy with accurate maintenance data

NOV employee checks St-80C torque equipment

Industrial maintenance management and optimization

Max™ Maintenance is NOV’s built-for-purpose maintenance management application that streamlines and optimizes your maintenance operations. Capable of integration with NOV’s performance, asset, and IIoT data platform, our Max Ready next-generation solution provides a better understanding of your equipment by effectively using preventative, predictive, and condition-based maintenance practices developed through data collection and analysis. By using technologically advanced features, you will improve the reliability of your assets and optimize your maintenance schedules, all while reducing downtime and total cost of ownership.

View of derrick from the drill floor

Right Asset. Right Maintenance. At the right time.

As a fully customizable solution, we partner with you to implement the application from the ground up, meaning you choose which assets you want tracked and which data you want to see. With our identification technology, you decide how to serialize your asset – either QR codes, bar codes, or RFID tags that are built to withstand the harshest environments. With our Windows tablet application, you can actively scan, track, and complete maintenance performance activities instantly in the field, even without internet connectivity.

MAX MT screen displaying oil change information

Go Paperless

You can conveniently access all your asset information and documents via the Max Portal. By digitizing maintenance records, manual paper documents are removed from your day to day. By implicitly removing tangible track records, your risk of human error and chance of unexpected asset loss is reduced. With physical documents eliminated, you are eligible for a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.

Built-in and customizable reporting tools

  • Total Cost of Ownership
    • True cost of maintenance
    • Planning and budget enhancement
  • Maintenance KPIs and Analytics
    • Maintenance Completion rates
    • Planned vs Unplanned work
  • Failure Reports

Documentation Management Library

  • Asset Info
  • Procedure
  • Certifications
  • Product/Engineering Bulletins

Streamlined on boarding processes

  • Script driven import of assets, maintenance procedures and documentation
  • Autogenerated or customizable asset identification numbering
  • Implementation engineers dedicated to the process
  • System training provided

Partnership methodology

  • Provide expertise and assistance, enabling your organization to advance its maintenance strategy

Auto scheduling and scheduler tools

  • Auto generation of work orders
  • Scheduler module – allow for planner/technical leads to manipulate maintenance schedules based on operations and work loads

Subscription based pricing

  • No license or user fees
  • Unlimited users
  • 24/7 support
  • MAX MT Industrial Maintenance Platform Brochure

of maintenance completed

active users

daily users

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Max Ready™!

Max Ready products are fully compatible with our Max digital ecosystem, meaning they're designed to make your data easy to consume, manage, and act upon.

The Max digital ecosystem reframes the way you look at data and allows you to aggregate and derive real meaning from an otherwise overwhelming volume of data. You can capture, contextualize, analyze, transform, and visualize your data in real time, at high speed, at the edge and in the cloud all within Max.

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Data Security and Trust Center

Trust Center

Protecting your data is our priority. We are good stewards of your data, employing the best practices and people to provide you with confidence and peace of mind.

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Left side angled view of NOV engineer reviewing Max Maintenance data
Laptop displaying MAX MT data
Engineer reviewing Max Maintenance data on a large screen
MAX MT data displayed in office
Close up image of rotary table
Closer angle of NOV engineer reviewing Max Maintenance data

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