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Effectively plan your operations and carry out complex jobs by using simple tools


Max™ Scheduler helps you effectively plan your operations and carry out complex jobs by using simple tools that capture and organize critical information. Our cloud-based software provides a real-time view of assets and personnel allocated to jobs, allowing operations to work seamlessly with maintenance. Texts, whiteboards, and multiple excel files can be eliminated to make planning and reporting effortless, while ultimately enabling front line workers to change their behavior to improve efficiency and financial performance.


  • Operations solution that simplifies planning and coordinating by consolidating information from various tools
  • Summarizes and reports utilization and efficiency metrics across districts, service lines, and basins
  • Dispatching tool summarizes and delivers the operations information your team needs in real time
  • Eliminate redundant entry and dissemination of scheduling and post-job reporting
  • Central hub that connects operations data, engineering information, and equipment status and maintenance

Organize and capture:

  • Districts
  • Personnel
  • Vendors
  • Crews
  • Assets
  • Spreads
  • Resource groups
  • Jobs
  • Documents
  • Max Scheduler Flyer

Max Scheduler tablet closeup
Max Scheduler tv
Max Scheduler tablet and tv

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