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Grant Prideco MaXit connection

MaXit Connection

Our MaXit connection is engineered to take your ultra-deepwater operations further.

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An enabler for 7⅝-in. intervention and completion landing strings

Our new Large OD product line enables building 7⅝-in. OD intervention and completion strings and increases potential drift farther than that available with 6⅝-in. pipe.This is necessary to retrieve larger  crown plugs of today's wellheads. 

The MaXit™ connection was developed specifically for these large-OD intervention strings. It is a gas-tight, double-shouldered connection with an inside diameter (ID) up to 6¼-in. It offers controlled makeup torque (MUT) to be rig friendly and features a fatigue-resistant thread form. The first MaXit 807 string came with a 9¾-in. OD and 6¼-in. ID for maximum drift and a controlled maximum MUT of 97,900 ft-lb.

MaXit is a robust and cost-effective solution.

Opting for an intervention and completion string for (1) its compatibility with conventional drill pipe handling equipment, (2) its speed of makeup and running, and (3) its durability and resistance to a high number of make-and-breaks has proven to be the best option in various parts of the world. Our intervention and completion strings feature a near-flush internal diameter and a maximized bore, and they are designed to provide maximum opening.


  • Fast running using pipe elevator, rig racking system, and iron roughneck
  • Fatigue-resistant connection
  • No requirement for a casing running crew
  • Possibility of building stands in rig flat time
  • Gas-tight metal-to-metal seal
  • High pressure integrity
    • 20 ksi internal
    • 10 ksi external

Think Big – Grant Prideco’s MaXit Connection

Our groundbreaking large-OD product lines have been engineered to take your ultra-deepwater operations further.

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