MaxTrace Monitoring System

MaxTrace incorporates our Rottweiler M cast-iron fracturing plug and carrier, which contains Resman Intelligent Tracers, to create a wireless, passive intelligence system for production data collection and analysis.


The Max-Trace™ reservoir monitoring system is a collaboration between NOV and Resman. The system incorporates NOV’s Rottweiler™ M cast iron frac plug and carrier that contains Resman Intelligent Tracers™. Combined, they create a wireless, passive intelligence system for production data collection and analysis. The system allows for deployment and placement anywhere in the producing wellbore.

Max-Trace can be installed as part of a plug-and-perf stimulation operation in conjunction with a dissolvable ball or installed via coiled tubing post mill-out and clean-up of a completion using traditional composite frac plugs. The large inside diameter (ID) of the system allows virtually unrestricted flow. When exposed to flow and contacted by the target fluid (oil or water) during production, the Resman Intelligent Tracers are designed to mark the fluid with a chemical signature. As the unique chemical signature from each Max-Trace location flows to surface where it can be collected and analyzed. This analysis allows the operator to better understand production contribution from the reservoir, identify the source of water production, and identify potential blockage of the wellbore. A wide selection of intelligent tracers is available for various well conditions including fluids, temperatures, and monitoring objectives.

Max-Trace is constructed from cast iron material, which allows future removal of the tracer system if intervention is required. The large bore allows for coiled tubing clean-out without the need to mill out the system.



  • Large bore through the ID of the tool
  • Cast iron materials for easy mill-out if required
  • Can be used in plug-and-perf operations as a frac plug or independently
  • Multiple tracer arrays and placement to identify both water and oil production


  • Minimal pressure drop through the tool during production 
  • Easily milled and removed in the event that future intervention is required
  • Flexible options for placement of tracers in the completion


  • Identification of plugged/bridged sections of the wellbore
  • Identification of flow contribution from various areas of the wellbore
  • Identification of water breakthrough and location of same
  • MaxTrace Monitoring System Data Sheet

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