A worker measures a part from a GS Liner Hanger

Mechanical Set Liner Hanger

Depending on the application, liner hanger systems can save time and money and provide increased flexibility with completion design. We provide liner hanger systems and accessories for cemented and openhole applications.

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Designed for vertical and slightly deviated holes, the mechanical set liner hanger can be set clockwise or counterclockwise. As the mechanical set liner hanger is set purely mechanically, no hydraulic pressure is necessary. Thus, it is ideal for holes within critical formations.

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  • Non-weld design, one-piece body with premium threads
  • Large annular flow area in set position ensures minimum pressure drop during cementing
  • Slips and cones are designed to minimize casing stress
  • Suitable for short and medium liner
  • Inner/outer slips (optional)
  • Rotating/non-rotating version
  • Liner Hanger Systems Data Sheet
  • Mechanical Set Liner Hanger Data Sheet
  • Openhole Equipment Catalog
  • Well Completions and Liner Hangers Catalog
Mechanical Set Liner Hanger Render
A worker measures a part from a GS Liner Hanger
An engineer reviews designs for the mechanical set liner hangers on a computer screen
A mechanical set liner hanger in a machine on a manufacturing facility floor

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