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Midstream Pumps closeup

Midstream Pumps

We offer a robust suite of reliable pumps to support efficient pipeline and midstream operations.

Our pumps work as hard as you do.

From fluid transfer, injection, and boosting capabilities to all points in between, NOV pumps are the trusted solution in reliability, ease of maintenance, and lowest ownership costs helping control the economics of your operations. Whether you require lightweight models with a smaller footprint or models that are built to withstand more demanding and complex processes, we can help.

With more than 100 years of design and manufacturing experience, our wide array of pumps work with you and are backed by our global support team available 24/7.

Midstream applications

  • Pipeline boosting
  • Amine treating plants
  • LNG
  • NGL
  • Condensate
  • Crude oil transfer
  • Water transfer
  • LACT units

Our midstream pump portfolio

Moyno 2000 Series surface pump

Moyno™ 2000 Series surface pumps

Setting the standard in positive displacement pumping applications, our 2000 Series pumps are the most durable and reliable progressing cavity pumps on the market today.

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Tri Phaze pump system

Tri-Phaze™ pump systems

Our innovative, patented, and engineered multiphase transfer Tri-Phaze Pump System solution is based on our field-proven progressing cavity pump.

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Reciprocating pump

Reciprocating pumps

Continuous- and intermittent-duty reciprocating pumps operate in low-to-high pressure applications and offer 24/7 continuous duty run time, resulting in reduced downtime and savings for your overall operational costs.

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Horizontal Pumping System HPS

Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS)

The HPS is designed with a focus on extended operational life, reduced maintenance and equipment costs, and flexible, easy deployment in ever-changing site conditions.

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