Mill NDT Inspection Systems

Tuboscope is the premier provider of tube, pipe mill, and end-finisher inspection equipment, with more than 200 major steel mills and processors worldwide.


Designed and engineered for performance

We not only design and manufacture our own equipment—we use the same inspection equipment and proprietary software in our global service facilities.

Our full turnkey package, designed and fabricated to meet rigorous inspection standards, increases production and profitability.

  • High-speed ultrasonic (UT) and electromagnetic (EMI)
  • Single reporting
  • Product traceability

Tuboscope equipment used:

  • EMI – Amalog™, Sonoscope™
  • UT – TruScope™, TruScan™, TruPhase™ 360°
  • Wall measurement – TruWall™

TruScope A/S

Tuboscope's TruScope A/S is a proprietary, high-speed inspection system that combines ultrasonic and electromagnetic test methods for the detection of tube body defects. In a single pass, the system detects, evaluates, and classifies transverse, longitudinal, and oblique internal and external flaws as well as wall thickness variations and laminations. TruScope A/S satisfies the latest editions of API 5CT, 5L, and 5DP as well as other international specifications.

TruPhase 360°

Technology on your side. Oilfield tubulars with advanced performance properties demand a more sophisticated inspection method—one that goes beyond traditional ultrasonic techniques. Using 2D Phased Array technology, Tuboscope identifies pipe flaws at multiple orientations along with over 100% UT wall coverage and higher reproducibility than ever before.

In a single excitation pulse, TruPhase™ 360° 2D Phased Array transducers emit and receive ultrasonic sound beams at multiple oblique angles, detecting flaws at wider angular ranges. Combined with our proprietary Tuboscope recording and reporting software, we provide you a more complete analysis of your critical service tubulars.

  • TruPhase 360 Flyer

  • TruScope AS Flyer

  • TruScope Full-Body UT Flyer

  • Amalog Longitudinal Flyer

  • Sonoscope Flyer

TruPhase 360 2D phased array transducers
NDT inspection at the pipe mill

Truscope A/S

Tuboscope’s combination UT and EMI inspection system

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