MISSION Centrifugal Pump Packages

Configuring pumps to meet all unitization challenges



MISSION’s most common configuration is the direct connect horizontal design. These units have steel oilfield bases designed to achieve proper pump and motor alignment with minimal shimming required.

Belt Driven (Over/Under)

Our belt driven units allow pumps to be equipped with the maximum impeller size. Larger sized impellers enable pumps to meet the discharge performance requirement at the lowest possible speed, resulting in reduced wear and maintenance costs.

The popular top mount belt driven unit conserves floor space and allows the pump body to be removed for service without disconnecting the casing from the suction and discharge piping.


MISSION SpaceSaver Type “S” pumps carry a small footprint for applications where space is a premium. These heavy-duty pumps require minimum mounting space and are close coupled, eliminating couplings and coupling alignment considerations. The pump’s concentric casing design reduces wear when transferring abrasive fluids.

The SpaceSaver is field proven in mud pump liner coolant service, general rig water supply, micro-tunneling mud mixing, and other applications.

Availability sizes range from 1 in. x 1½ in. to 3 in. x 4 in. with motors from 3 to 10 HP.

VCP-IR and Vertical

MISSION™ VCP-IR single stage, vertically mounted centrifugal pump increases the functionality of the well-known MISSION Magnum I vertical close-coupled pump. This vertical pump offers ease of maintenance as well as a small footprint in areas with limited floor space. The VCP-IR shares the Vertical Magnum’s robust design and small foot print, while the VCP-IR’s unique design allows access to the rotating assembly without disturbing the interconnecting piping or the electric motor driver, eliminating the need for costly and dangerous lifting equipment to remove a heavy close-coupled motor/pump assembly.

Vertical units range from 4 in. x 3 in. x 13 in. to 8 in. x 6 in. x 14 in.

(Note: The above centrifugal pump packages are manufactured at our 529 facility in Houston, Texas.)

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Blue horizontal Mission pump
Blue space saver mission pump
Space Saver
Blue belt driven Mission pump
Belt Driven (Over/Under)
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