MISSION Fluid End Expendables and Accessories

Our fluid end expendables and accessories add value to your drilling rig by increasing the operating range of existing mud pumps while reducing their maintenance and downtime.


We develop high-quality, field-proven fluid end expendables and accessories for all pump manufacturers to provide extended run times and longer service life.

Mud pump liners

Our ceramic, chrome iron sleeved, and hardened steel liners are manufactured using only the highest-grade materials and offer extended run times with excellent resistance to abrasion, erosion, and corrosion.

Mud pump pistons

We offer pistons of all styles and compositions designed for various types of drilling applications. All pistons are designed to provide consistent run times, minimize downtime, and reduce maintenance.

Mud pump piston rods

We manufacture crosshead extension rods, quick connect rods, self-aligning rod assemblies, and piston rods for all types of mud pump manufacturers. Our rods are manufactured from high-quality materials and machined to exact tolerances to provide long life and superior service.

Drilling valves, seats, and springs

Our line of roughneck valves, seats, and springs sets industry standards by meeting the demands of today's hostile drilling environments encountered by contractors worldwide.

Fluid end jewelry

We manufacture mud pump modules jewelry to exacting standards ensuring product reliability and performance. We also produce fluid end jewelry for all legacy NOV mud pump brands including Continental Emsco, Ideco, National, Oilwell, and Skytop Brewster as well as all other popular pump models.

  • MISSION Black Lightning Piston Flyer

  • MISSION Ceramic Liner Flyer

  • Mission Drilling Blue Lightning Piston FlyerSuper-premium bonded piston designed for operating in all drilling environments.

  • Mission Drilling White Lightning Piston FlyerSuper-premium bonded piston designed for operating in all drilling environments.

  • Mission Drilling White Lightning Slip Seal FlyerMulti-durometer, solid bonded piston, built to deliver an economical solution to harsh drilling environments.

  • MISSION Fluid End Expendables Application and Troubleshooting Guide

  • Fluid End Expendables Flyer

  • MISSION Green Duo Flyer

  • MISSION Liner Bore Gauges Flyer

  • MISSION Maverick Piston Flyer

  • MISSION Pistons and Replacement Rubbers Table

  • MISSION Red Rogue Piston Flyer

  • MISSION Roughneck Drilling Valves and Seats Flyer

  • MISSION Roughneck White Lightning Bonded Full Open Drilling Valve Flyer

  • MISSION Self-Aligning Piston Rod Flyer

  • MISSION Service Master II Well Servicing Valve Flyer

  • MISSION Spherical Valves Flyer

  • MISSION Supreme Pump Expendables Flyer

  • MISSION Universal Liner Lifting Tool Flyer

  • MISSION Valves Table

Front facing image of a the Roughneck Valve Seat combo, includes different size pistons, valves and springs
Image of a set of three White Lightning Pistons
Single shot of a yellow ceramic liner with a black background
Angled image of a self aligning piston rod

Need Technical Support?

For support on legacy MISSION products, contact us via email at [email protected].

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