MISSION Magnum XP Centrifugal Pumps

For more than 30 years, MISSION Magnum XP centrifugal pumps have been the industry standard for high-quality, reliable discharge pumps.

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The MISSION™ Magnum™ centrifugal discharge pumps are one of the most recognized and trusted names in the blender pump market due to their ability to successfully handle abrasive fluids while also handling a wide range of flow rates. Magnum pumps offer a broad selection of innovative features for a variety of general, demanding, and corrosive applications. Today’s market conditions continue to demand even more value and longer life from well service equipment. Therefore, we redeveloped the Magnum to exceed even the toughest of customer requirements in the harshest environments around the world.


MISSION Magnum pumps are proven as reliable, heavy-duty, low-cost slurry pumps. The 3×2×13 through 10×8×14 pumps all feature the same power end, which ensures production and reduced spare-part inventory requirements. Standard models are equipped with a heavy-duty 2½-in. shaft protected by a stainless-steel shaft sleeve, double-row outboard bearings, and inboard roller bearings. They are rated for continuous service in applications up to 200 hp and are available in hard iron, stainless steel, aluminum bronze, and Magnachrome with capacities up to 2,600 gal/min and pressure head up to 550 ft.


The Magnum XP is ideally suited for pumping high volumes of heavy slurries that are abrasive, corrosive, and difficult to pump. The compact overall dimensions make it an excellent choice for high-volume mobile and stationary applications for which a small footprint is critical. Designed for continuous operation with minimal maintenance, this model is engineered to provide maximum seal life with low stuffing box pressure and an extra-heavy shaft design.

A unique casing flow divider on the 12×10×23 and 14×12×22 cuts the radial load in half, doubling bearing life. The heavy-duty bearings are permanently lubricated to minimize maintenance.

The Mangum XP is capable of handling flow rates up to 7,500 gal/min and differential head pressures up to 420 ft.

MISSION Magnum Ultimate XP

Our latest advancement, the Magnum Ultimate™ XP pump, was developed for use in well stimulation blenders. The new pump, directly interchangeable with existing Magnum XP pumps, uses a new proprietary blend of material combined with proven Magnum XP design technology, resulting in five times the extended overall life of the pump, reduced cost of ownership, increased cavitation resistance, and an allowable pH range.

Keeping the original footprint from the standard high-chrome XP, no modification of existing blender units is needed. This model is available in both standard and run-dry/double mechanical seal.

MISSION Magnum Dual-Stage XP

Designed for use in well stimulation blenders, our dual-stage XP uses a two-stage configuration to extends the life of the complete pump in two ways. The dual-impeller design enables optimal performance at 1,000 rpm, which reduces erosion wear rates by up to 75% compared to traditional single-stage designs operating at 1,400 rpm. In addition, the lower speed minimizes the effect of cavitation that occurs in most blender operations, therefore helping prolong pump life. Many existing blender units can use the new pump with very little to no modification required to the trailer.


MISSION Magnum Centrifugal Pumps Specifications

Model RPM Maximum flow rate Maximum pressure
MISSION Magnum 6,600 3,600 gal/min 227 psi
MISSION Magnum XP 1,400 7,500 gal/min 200 psi
MISSION Magnum Ultimate XP 1,400 7,500 gal/min 200 psi
MISSION Magnum Dual-Stage XP 1,200 7,500 gal/min 200 psi
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  • MISSION Magnum Dual-Stage XP Centrifugal Pump Specification
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