MISSION Sandmasters with Hydraulic Adapter

MISSION Sandmaster Centrifugal Pumps

When space is a premium and prime mover options are limited, the Sandmaster is the pump of choice for frac trucks, blending, pump charging, and cementing applications.

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The MISSION Sandmaster™ line of centrifugal pumps includes all the abrasive-fluid handling features of the MISSION Magnum pump line in a more compact design and they can be adapted for hydraulic motor drive. Compared to the Magnum, the frame and shaft have been shortened to 4 in. to reduce the length of the pump.

Our Sandmaster 12×12×15 single-stage centrifugal pump is capable of providing flow rates up to 155 bbl/min and pressure heads to 100 ft, offering solutions to high-flow, low-head applications in the oilfield service industry.

As an extension of the Magnum pump line, these pumps offer our quality manufacturing and distribution network to increase solutions to pumping requirements in the oilfield industry from a reliable, industry-specific partner.

Designed with a 200-hp, grease-lubricated ball-bearing power frame, Sandmaster pumps provide leak-free operation. Ease of replacement is achieved using a MISSION hard-iron alloy liquid end fitted with a single internal spring-mounted mechanical shaft seal in a replaceable stuffing box.

The nozzles are furnished with 150 12-in. ANSI-class flat-face flange connections with standard clockwise rotation as viewed facing the pump shaft. With a replaceable hard-iron suction stand, Sandmaster pumps also feature renewable wear rings installed in the suction stand and on the eye side of the impeller.

In addition, the discharge nozzle can be rotated to positions other than vertical, while the pump power frame is fitted with an optional outbound bearing capable of accepting hydraulic motor adapters for SAE sizes B, C, and D hydraulic motor mounts.

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Side view of MISSION Sandmaster Centrifugal Pump
MISSION Pump in warehouse
Side view of MISSION Pump
MISSION Sandmaster Centrifugal Pump with part removed

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