MISSION Valves and Seats four colors

MISSION Valves and Seats

Our MISSION well service valves and seats are designed to outperform the competition in the industry’s toughest shale plays.

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Our superior metal valve body is forged from high-strength alloy steel and engineered with superior geometry and toughness to give unparalleled performance in the most punishing applications. The combination of the valve body with revolutionary insert materials makes these valves the industry leader in lifespan and total cost of ownership.

Our range of valve products are offered in snap-on or bonded valve types. Snap-on valves allow for polyurethane replacements. The bonded valves are manufactured with a multi-step process to chemically attach the polyurethane to the metal valve. The entire bonding process is automated to ensure a consistent coating for every valve. This process yields the highest possible bond strength for elastomers and will outlast other bonding methods in harsh environments.

Blue Thunder Valve

Our premium line of well service valves is designed to perform in the most punishing hydraulic fracturing conditions. The Blue Thunder™ valve uses a proprietary polyurethane insert with unprecedented wear characteristics that are designed to slowly wear during usage. The patented material is formulated to be chemically resistant and provides excellent abrasion resistance, good tensile and shear strength, and superior dynamic properties. The combination of this revolutionary material with our field-proven Service Master™ II forged-metal body exhibits properties that are superior to other valves.

Applications include:

  • High-strength ceramic proppants
  • Fine sands
  • Sintered bauxite
  • Diverter material

Service Master II Valve

Our Service Master II valve is the industry standard for well service applications. Specifically, these valves are designed to handle proppant, cement, well service fluids, and acid. The valve has a full-open design for maximum flow characteristics. The standard polyurethane insert has a maximum temperature rating of 180°F (82°C), maximum pressure rating of 20,000 psi, and is designed to handle a low-to-moderate solid content.

Applications include:

  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Cementing
  • Coil tubing
  • Pump down
  • Acidizing

Black Lightning Valves

Our Black Lightning™ valves are designed for increased toughness while maintaining high mechanical properties in the most challenging applications. Its unique composition and design increases resistance to harsh environments.

Applications include:

  • High HCL acid
  • Glycol
  • High temperature

Valve Seats

Any of our valve offerings can be paired with one of the Service Master II seats for maximum performance. The seats are made from a low-carbon alloy steel and are heat treated with a superior carburizing process. This provides a very hard, wear-resistant surface and a tough interior to withstand the repeated impacts that occur during operation. Each component’s geometric profile and sealing surface have been optimized for a precision fit.


MISSION Valve Specifications

Urethane Type Urethane Color Temperature Rating
°F (°C)
Pressure rating
psi (Mpa)
SMII Yellow 180 (82) 20,000 (138)
Blue Thunder Blue 220 (104) 20,000 (138)
Black Lightning Black 300 (148) 20,000 (138)
Viton Black 400 (204) 20,000 (138)

MISSION Valve Availability

Valve Size P2 P4 P4 P5 P6
Valve Body
3.060 in. 4.156 in. 4.500 in. 5.000 in. 5.625 in.
Urethane Type
SMII SMII Blue Thunder
Black Lightning
Blue Thunder
Black Lightning
  • Blue Thunder Valve Flyer
MISSION Valves and Seats duo blue
MISSION Valves and Seats quad yellow vertical
MISSION Valves and Seats single white
MISSION Valves and Seats single blue
MISSION Valves and Seats duo orange
MISSION Valves and Seats single red

Need technical support or spare parts?

For support on MISSION pumps and expendables, contact us via email at [email protected]

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