Mobile Rigs

Improve your ability to perform operations in the field, completions, and conventional or non-conventional wells.


We design, build, and support the widest range of self-propelled and trailer-mounted well servicing, workover, and mobile drilling rigs in the world.

We offer OEM support of Cabot™, Cardwell™, Cooper™, Franks™, Ideco™, Kremco™, National™, Skytop Brewster™, RMI™, and Wilson™ with certified service, repair, and replacement parts.

Combining purpose-built components with the rigorous attention to quality and construction by our experienced engineering groups provides the customer with mobile drilling rig equipment that performs exceptionally well.

NOV Gill™ Services handling tools include power tongs, kelly spinners, catheads, tubing tongs, power units, and bucking units. NOV Gill Services is recognized as an industry leader in the supply of equipment, parts, and repair services for the drilling and well servicing industries with a worldwide distribution network.

Our Mobile Rigs set the standard for drilling reliability, safety, and overall quality.

The NOV Mobile Rig product line is a result of intentionally listening to our customers and producing rugged drilling rigs that withstand the physical demands of the industry while focusing on safety. Our designs increase the safety level by interfacing the machinery with technologically improved controls and easier-to-read digital instrumentation. This allows the operator to work more efficiently in an environment that affords unprecedented control of user-friendly equipment, thereby reducing the stress and fatigue of the operator.


  • A standardized rig design that offers excellent value and proven dependability
  • New masts are equipped with rod transfer systems, tong positioners, and delayed racking board deployment to enhance safe operations and reduce operator fatigue.
  • OSHA-compliant handrails and walkways
  • Gear ratios are set to customer specifications to match area road conditions.
  • Control panels are located precisely to provide clear view of racking boards, traveling equipment, and work floor operations.
  • Ergonomic controls assure maximum operator efficiency while minimizing unwanted distractions.
  • Designed in accordance with applicable local standards in addition to the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the American Institute of Steel Construction.
  • New drawworks design eliminates the jackshaft, improving maintenance and providing a quieter, safer work environment while retaining the benefits of the jackshaft.
  • Four-cycle, electronically controlled engines reduce noise and are coupled to electronically controlled transmissions for maximum efficiency over a range of speed and pressure requirements.
  • Our newly designed mast line is manufactured from high-strength, cold-drawn, seamless square tubing. Square tubing allows for the maximum load-carrying capacity with desired torsional stiffness while minimizing mast weight.
  • New masts designed with a reduced profile that lowers the center of gravity and enhances safety while moving
  • Built-in steps on both sides of the carrier that improve accessibility to the deck
  • A larger, safer work platform enhanced by Grip Strut flooring and fold-out wings
  • Additional working room at the crown block area for enhanced safety and reduced fatigue
  • Extended-length level jacks equipped with terrain-adjusting crane-type pads, eliminating the need for jack stands
  • Improved surfacing (Fibergate™) on all walkways for safer footing and lower weight
  • Low-entry dropped profile cab, providing ease of entry and improved visibility
  • Kinetic Energy Control System (KECS) (optional)
  • PLC-based instrumentation and controls that increase the functionality of the engine, drawworks clutch, and brakes
  • Electric over hydraulic/pneumatic operation of the drawworks, engine, and brakes ensures maximum safety and requires less physical exertion on the operators, reducing the likelihood of fatigue-induced accidents.
  • Alarms and monitoring of selected rig parameters enable the operator to make more informed decisions.
  • Stainless-steel NEMA 4X enclosures suitable for use in hazardous areas
  • Resilient mountings that protect against shock and vibration

Mobile Rig Specifications

Rig model Drawworks model Hoist capacity, tons (mt) Nominal engine power, hp (kW) Depth capacity, ft (m)
4C D500 105 (95) 425 (317) 5,000 (1524)
5C D500 125 (113)
150 (136)
525 (392) 6,500 (1982)
6C D700 150 (136)
175 (159)
630 (470) 8,000 (2439)
7C or 7T D700 175 (159)
200 (181)
775 (578) 10,000 (3040)
  • Peck-o-Matic Bucking Units Flyer

  • Mobile Rigs Brochure

  • NOV Gill Services Handling Tools Brochure

Front view of yellow mobile rig
NOV Mobile Rig with purpose-built components
Front view of blue Gill power tongs
NOV Gill, the leader in well servicing equipment
Side view of red mobile rig
The 6C Mobile Rig that allows for maximum load-carrying capacity
Front view of red mobile rig
The 6C Mobile Rig with adjustable working and operator platforms
View of mobile rig on land
NOV Mobile Rig operating on drilling site in the field