Mortar and Grout Systems

Customizable mortar and grout solutions for dry bulk storage, metering, and transfer at construction job sites

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Mortar and Grout Silo System

Increase profitability with our lightweight and compact mortar and grout system

Blend consistency is crucial in managing the bulk handling of mortar, grout, cement, stucco, or other dry powders on a construc­tion site. The Wilco™ mortar and grout silo system provides new solutions to material blending and storage issues.

Using pre-blended materials in­sures consistency and accuracy of blends, reduces waste, decreases on-site labor, and reduces the risk of injuries, all while increasing profit­ability.

The compact size of our sys­tems makes for easy transporta­tion to and from the job site, as well as quick and easy setup, requiring minimal equipment.

Features and benefits:

  • Lightweight, compact designs for ease of use and safe handling
  • Durable components and construction for long service life
  • Adjustable working height to accommodate any worksite

Various designs available including:

  • Continuous mix
  • Gravity dump
  • Hydraulic auger
  • Hydraulic power pack

Grout Bin

Efficient and cost-effective ¾ yard unit

The Wilco grout bin is field-proven and requires only two workers for safe and fast masonry block fill - one worker driving the ex­tended reach forklift, while the other operates the bin from either ground level or from the bin platform.

This efficient transport vessel requires no setup time and is easy to own and operate. Once the job is complete, cleanup is quick and straightforward and only requires a basic water hose.


Grout Bin Specificatons

 Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)
61 x 50.5 x 59.5 in.
 Empty Weight
495 lb
 Discharge 6- to 3-in. collapsible hose with 72-in. total length
Mortar and Grout Silo System Available Options

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