TerraFUSE Motorhead Assemblies

The motorhead assembly combines the twin flapper check valve with the heavy-duty hydraulic disconnect and the dual circulation valve.


While the modularity of the TerraTech™ line provides flexibility when designing your overall BHA, we combined the technology and reliability of each of the individual components to design the TerraFUSE™ motorhead assembly (MHA) to provide even greater reliability and performance. The TerraFUSE MHA incorporates each of the individual tools (TerraSEAL™ Twin Flapper Check Valve, TerraLOK™ Hydraulic Disconnect and TerraFLO™ Dual Activated Circ-Sub) into a short, compact assembly that removes connections from the BHA and drives additional efficiency in BHA make-up and break-down operations.

TerraSEAL™ Twin Flapper Check Valve

Engineered to withstand the rigors of today's high-pulsating flow environment, the TerraSEAL™ Twin Flapper Check Valve provides you long-lasting reliability in today's more demanding applications.

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TerraLOK™ Hydraulic Disconnect

The patented design of the TerraLOK™ disconnect eliminates what has often been the source of failures in the past—the castellation design used to carry torque loads. The TerraLOK disconnect's patented collapsible thread design provides a joint as strong as any threaded connection throughout the BHA.

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TerraFLO™ Dual Activated Circ-Sub

Designed to withstand the rigors of today's demanding applications, the TerraFLO™ Dual Activated Circ-Sub has been thoroughly tested to ensure reliable actuation when needed. The circ-sub can be used to isolate and allow pumping of fluids to the annulus that might typically damage any equipment run below the circ-sub.

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Veertical render of a TerraFUSE Motorhead
Horizontal render of a TerraFUSE Motorhead

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