MPC Choke Series

Designed to extend service life, operate safely, and cost effectively, this series of chokes has increased operational efficiency for years. 

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The MPC series of chokes comprises high-pressure chokes that provide remote actuation while handling severe erosive service with high-pressure drops across the seat and internally monitoring the wear of the choke trim. The MPC series has a reputable performance history for handling severe choke applications worldwide.

Our MPC External Sleeve can be customized for extreme temperature conditions as low as -150°F to as high as 575°F. Features include the wear monitor, which reduces the chance of a washout by facilitating seat seal and seat wear leakage detection. Like the CVC-ME design, the trim is an external sleeve cage suitable for high-pressure drops. However, in MPC models, the rated capacity or curve characteristic can be modified by exchanging only the seat assembly. This can greatly reduce the quantity of spares in inventory. 

Our MPC-S model boasts the same history of proven performance worldwide as the MPC External Sleeve Choke, the difference being that this is the internal cage version. It is rare in the industry to find large internal cage-style chokes suitable to high pressures; however, this model can be customized to sustain up to 20,000 psi. Like the MPC External Sleeve, this design also includes the wear monitor. Furthermore, MPC-S chokes also allow for modification of the rated capacity or curve characteristic by a simple swap of the seat assembly. Like the CVC-MP, MPC-S models are recommended to flow a large volume of fluid with superior control. 

Our MPC In-Line has an in-line body for cases in which it best suits our customers’ piping needs. Components are interchangeable between angled-bodied MPCs and in-line MPCs.



  • Seat wear monitor (patented design) detects washout in the wear sleeve before erosion damage can occur in the body 
  • Closed internal cage option that completely encloses the area of the cage that is exposed to the turbulence created by the pressure drop 
  • Pressure-balanced trim for low operating torque under all flow conditions 
  • Bolted bonnet design for added safety 
  • Large-body reservoir reduces body erosion 
  • Extended seat length provides added wear protection in the outlet bore to increase service life 
  • Cage design reduces noise levels to operate under 85 dba level 
  • Easy conversion from manual to actuated for remote/automation applications

Additional benefits of inline option:

  • Downstream end-cap design permits inspection without removing choke from flowline and eliminates body wear under severe erosive conditions 
  • Tungsten carbide throttling components 
  • Interchangeable internal components with standard MPC-series angle body chokes

MPC Choke Series specifications

  • 2- to 10-in. nominal sizes
  • 2,000- to 30,000-psi API
  • 150- to 2,500-class ANSI
  • Adjustable or positive choke designs
  • Process and Flow Technologies Brochure

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