1500S MPD System

Primary finite pressure control for common managed pressure drilling (MPD) applications in land drilling operations.


Proven for use in common MPD applications and land drilling operations.

The 1500S managed pressure drilling (MPD) system is a fit-for-purpose system, combining a complete set of MPD automated features with the field-proven experience of NOV's HXE Hydraulic Choke. Our choke manifold and control system have shown use in many MPD applications and is most suitable for land drilling operations.

Our 1500S system features robust designs and includes proven subcomponents:

HXE-G3 choke:

  • Reversible gate and seat designed to direct high-velocity wear away from the positive sealing surface to extend choke life and reduce cost of ownership
  • Customizable: Offers manual, hydraulic, or servo-driven actuator options and features 3-in. max orifice size (can be converted in the field to 2-in. or 1½-in. orifice)

Ruggedized, simple control systems

  • Setpoint PLC local control panel monitors key drilling parameters such as pump strokes, standpipe pressure, wellhead pressure, and choke position simultaneously and continuously without fatigue
  • Setpoint PLC local control panel automatically adjusts the choke as needed to maintain optimal annular pressure

1500S MPD System

Working pressure 1,500 psi
Flange inlet and outlet API 41/16 in.
Service Sour NACE MR0175
API standards API 6A and API 16C monogrammed
Ring groove inlay CRA 625
Temp. class ‘P+T’ (-29 to 180 °F)
Choke model HXE-G3
Choke actuator Hydraulic
Choke size 3 in.
Relief valve Titan C PRV (400 to 1,500 psi)
Isolation valves Shaffer™ 2,300 SFC
Performance standard PSL-3
Dimensions (L × W × H) 7.5 × 7 × 4.5 ft
Weight 6,600 lbm
Lifting certification DNV 2.7-1
Area classification Class 1, Div 1, Groups A, B, C, and D hazardous locations
Manufacturing certification ISO 9001-2008 and API Q1 9th edition
  • MPowerD 1500S Spec Sheet

  • Industry's first truly integrated MPD control system advances offshore drilling efficiency - 2021 World Oil editorial

  • Giving control back to the driller; Fully integrated MPD system - 2022 World Oil editorial

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