MPowerD 1500SE MPD System

MPowerD 1500SE MPD System

Drilling choke and control system with an enhanced pressure control precision thanks to the electric actuated choke and state-of-the-art controller algorithm

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The 1500SE Managed Pressure Drilling Control System handles all the control and inputs needed to manage a single, electric choke. It accepts inputs from the rig sensor network or its own directly connected sensors and adjusts the MPD choke as needed to control the wellbore pressure to achieve a target wellbore pressure. The 1500SE control system is built for performance and reliability using an electrically actuated choke and triple redundant wellbore pressure sensors. Customers can use the 1500SE system as a free-standing system with a dedicated MPowerD™ HMI or can choose to integrate with NOVOS™ using the MPowerD MPD App.

Improved Drilling Efficiencies

  • MPD configuration and operation can be done through NOVOS or dedicated MPD driller’s terminal
  • Greater access to reliable instrumentation
  • Integrated system reduces space requirements

Human Factors

  • MPD Control System is a natural extension of the drilling process
  • Personnel can be trained on a standard package
  • Maintenance and servicing are based on standard processes and personnel competencies
  • Reduces time required to transition between conventional drilling and MPD

Drilling Control System Integration

  • Available MPowerD NOVOS application
  • Software and hardware provided by NOV using the same deployment and revision control as other NOV supplied sub systems

Logging and Remote Monitoring

  • Integrated with NOV’s WellData™, DataVault and eHawk™ remote monitoring services
  • Events, settings, and actions are logged along with all other rig information
  • Built-in high frequency data logger

Choke Manifold Specifications

Working pressure1,500 psi
Flange inlet and outletAPI 41/16 in.
ServiceSour NACE MR0175
API standardsAPI 6A and API 16C monogrammed
Ring groove inlayCRA 625
Temp classP+T’ (-29 to 180°F)
Choke modelHXE-G3
Choke actuatorElectric
Choke size3 in.
Relief valveTitan C PRV (400 to 1,500 psi)
Isolation valvesShafferTM 2300 SFC
Performance standardPSL-3
Dimensions (L x W x H)7.5 x 7 x 4.5 ft
Weight6,600 lbm
Lifting certificationDNV 2.7-1
Area classificationClass 1, Div.1, Groups A, B, C, and D hazardous locations
Manufacturing certificationISO 9001-2008 and API Q1 9th edition
  • Industry's first truly integrated MPD control system advances offshore drilling efficiency - 2021 World Oil editorial
  • Giving control back to the driller; Fully integrated MPD system - 2022 World Oil editorial

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