MPowerD MPD Backpressure Pump

Supply backpressure in the annulus for managed pressure drilling.

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The MPowerD™ backpressure pump is a necessary component to supply and maintain backpressure during low-flow and pumps-off events. Our managed pressure drilling (MPD) backpressure pump is designed to operate with water-based, oil-based, or synthetic-based mud.

The backpressure pump is a 185 horsepower, 5-in. stroke pump. It has an intermittent-duty, single-acting well service piston/plunger pump equipped with a forged alloy steel mono-block fluid end. It is rated at pump speeds up to 450 rotations per minute (RPM) with a maximum discharge pressure of up to 10,000 psi. NOV’s backpressure pump can be equipped with multiple external gear reduction units.


  • Heavy-duty, tapered roller crankshaft bearings
  • One-piece, high-strength steel power frame
  • Internal pressurized lubrication system
  • Compatibility with various drilling fluids


  • Promotes high pump efficiency and low heat generation
  • Minimizes size and weight (low weight to power ratio)
  • Maximizes component life
  • Offers the versatility to pump a wide range of drilling muds

Backpressure Pump Specifications

Pump size 4½ in. × 5 in.
Maximum pressure 10,000 psi
Maximum speed 450 RPM
Maximum plunger 4 in.
Maximum piston 4½ in.
Stroke length 5 in.
  • MPowerD MPD Backpressure Pump Spec Sheet

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