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MPD Buffer Manifold

Route flow in a variety of advanced drilling systems without reconfiguring piping.

Render of Buffer Manifold
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The buffer manifold is designed to route flow without the need to reconfigure piping. The buffer manifold can be used as part of advanced drilling systems, either in a riser gas handling system or as part of a full managed pressure drilling (MPD) system, including pressurized mud cap drilling. NOV can provide a complete set of solutions to turn any rig into an MPD-Ready rig.


  • Local control panel with remote interface 
    • Enables local or remote operation and integration with MPD system and riser gas handling system
    • Amphion™ and Cyberbase™ ready
  • Electrically actuated valves with manual override 
    • Provide precise control and reliable operation 
  • Valve position, pressure, and temperature sensors
    • Provide control verification and real-time detection of failures
  • DNV 2.7-1–compliant lifting points with ISO 1161 corners
    • Ease of transport
  • API 6A valves and blocks
    • Industry-standard components 
  • Full drip tray with 1-in. NPT drain
    • Spill protection and easy clean-up

Buffer Manifold Specifications

Working pressure 3,000 psi
Area classification Class I, Division 1
Service Sour NACE MR0175
API standards API 6A
Flange size 5⅛ in.
Equalization line 21⁄16 in.
Relief lines 3-in. Fig. 1502
Performance requirement PR-1
Ambient temperature -4 to +113 °F (-20 to 45 °C)
Valve type Anson E-type gate
Valve actuation Electric
Relief valve Titan Class RX
Flange ring groove inlay CRA 625
Dimensions (L × W × H) 173 × 95 × 87 in.
Weight 27,780 lbm
Lifting DNV 2.7-1
  • MPowerD MPD Buffer Manifold Spec Sheet
  • Industry's first truly integrated MPD control system advances offshore drilling efficiency - 2021 World Oil editorial
  • Giving control back to the driller; Fully integrated MPD system - 2022 World Oil editorial

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