MPowerD MPD Choke Manifold: 5000D

MPowerD offers the widest range of applications among different managed pressure drilling (MPD) variants suitable for land, shelf, and offshore drilling operations.

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The MPowerD™ choke manifold 5000D provides primary finite control for balanced and underbalanced fluid return rates and wellhead pressure during MPD operations.

Our choke manifold offers the widest range of operations in the different MPD variants. As a single-source OEM, NOV offers greater value and a positive impact on your MPD applications and overall ownership costs.

HXE-G3 choke

  • Continuous duty-cycle Siemens electric servo motor
    • Yields precise pressure control and quick response times
    • Enables choke to function reliably in cold conditions without the cost of running and maintaining hydraulic lines
  • Remote MPowerD control system operation enables automatic or manual control of the choke
    • Automatic mode – The choke rapidly adjusts trim positioning to maintain the setpoint pressure that is input at the control system.
    • Manual mode – The choke can be operated by bypassing the electric motor for inspection and service.

Integrated bypass line

  • Enables cement and the casing shoe to be drilled out without impacting the chokes while in MPD mode
  • Bypasses the MPD system without impacting drilling operations when the system is not in use
  • Directs pressure and fluids safely away from personnel servicing the choke while online

Anson E-type gate valves

  • Two types of valve actuators used
    • Rotork™ Electric Actuator – remote actuation
      • Isolates either or both legs of the manifold
      • Designed with spring-return fail-safe double-acting (DA) cylinders to fail in place
    • Manual Actuator – local operation at the manifold
  • Through-conduit gate valves are robust and easy to maintain
  • Forged steel body and bonnet, bi-directional sealing, low operating torque, and manually operated (non-rising stem)


  • Continuous monitoring of the wellbore pressure to prevent overpressurization scenarios
    • Hard trip – set at the highest expected pressure
    • Soft trip – set dynamically by the MPD operator
  • Fail-in-place design prevents unintentional pressure fluctuations
  • Bleeds off only excess pressure and will close under pressure to maintain setpoint
  • Network-capable system is interfaced with the MPowerD control system for remote set point control

MPowerD Choke Manifold 5000D Specifications

Working Pressure 5,000 psi
Flange inlet and outlet API 41/16 in.
Service Sour NACE MR0175
Ring groove inlay CRA 625
Temperature class ‘P+U’ (-20 to 250 °F) 
Choke mode HXE-G3 
Choke actuator Electric servo
Choke size 3 in.
Relief valve MPD 30 Automatic PRV
Isolation valves ANSON E-Type
Performance standard PSL-3
Dimensions (L × W × H) 16 × 8 × 7.5 ft 
Weight 23,700 lbm
Lifting certification DNV 2.7-1
Area classification Class 1, Div 1, ATEX Zone 1
Manufacturing certifications ISO 9001-2008 and API Q1 9th edition
  • MPowerD MPD Choke Manifold: 5000D Spec Sheet

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