MPowerD MPD H2S Mud Gas Separator

The H2S Mud/Gas Separator is designed for continued drilling underbalanced conditions, enabling operators to circulate drilling fluid by removing large pockets of gas.

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The MPowerD H2S Mud/Gas Separator is designed for continued drilling in underbalanced conditions in which dramatic pressure surges are normal. The unit is certified by NACE MR-01-75, OSHA 29 CFR, and ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, Division I, Section IX, Lethal Service.

In dangerous kick conditions, the Mud/Gas Separator enables operators to circulate the drilling fluid by removing large pockets of gas. The gas-cut mud enters the flowline of the unit, where it hits a series of baffle plates. These baffle plates provide surface area for the dispersion of the gas-cut mud. The mud is routed to solids control equipment for further processing, while the separated gas travels to the flare line at the top of the unit to be vented at a safe distance from the rig and rig personnel.


  • Certified NACE, OSHA, ATEX, and ASME design
    • Enables installation in nearly all applications
    • Promotes rig-safe environment
  • High processing capacity and customizable design
    • Enables safe removal of large volumes of free gas or dangerous H2S gas
    • Enables continued drilling in a variety of conditions
  • Liquid-level control using U-tube
    • Improves reliability by eliminating moving parts
    • Prevents gas flow into mudline
    • Delivers gas safely to the flare line
  • Customizable specifications
    • Enables use in various drilling programs and applications

H2S Mud Gas Separator Specifications

Liquid inlet size

6 in. 

Mud discharge size

10 in.

Gas discharge size

8 in.


48 in.

Wall thickness

0.375 in.

Pressure rating

125 psig

  • MPowerD MPD Mud-Gas Separator Spec Sheet

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