MPowerD MPD Pressure Control While Drilling

Enable operators to safely control pressure in the annulus during underbalanced or managed pressure drilling conditions.

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Our Pressure Control While Drilling (PCWD) is an active system with full API 16RCD certification that enables operators to safely control pressure in the annulus during underbalanced or managed pressure drilling (MPD) conditions.

The PCWD is installed in the blowout preventer (BOP) stack. The rotating spherical (RS) BOP is an annular BOP using an elastomeric sealing element (packing element) capable of rotating and designed to close and seal the wellbore annular area with pipe or a kelly in the hole. An annulus pressure seal can also be maintained while the drill string is stripped during tripping operations. The unique aspect of the PCWD is its method of sealing the annulus. The PCWD is also able to close and seal on an open wellbore. The PCWD system is designed to maintain a seal, automatically adjusting the PCWD packing element closing force as the wellbore pressure changes in order to minimize pipe drag and packing element wear.

Major components

  • Hydraulic control unit
  • Driller’s panel assembly


  • Active control system continuously monitors wellbore pressure and automatically regulates closing pressure
    • Promotes increased longevity of seals, accurate monitoring of element wear, and enhanced predictability of element life
  • Industry-leading certification to API 16RCD
    • Surpasses most standard industry requirements
    • Ensures the maximum ability to manage pressure uncertainty
  • Modeled after and uses existing well control equipment; compatible with H₂S
    • Increases operating confidence through field-proven technology
    • Enables use in a variety of functional environments
    • Enhances capabilities when drilling into areas with limited offset information
  • No requirement to remove bearing assembly or to open clamp
    • Eliminates the need for personnel under the work platform
    • Promotes a quick transition from sealing position to full open position

Pressure Control While Drilling Specifications

Working pressure static 5,000 psi
Working pressure at 100 rpm 3,000 psi
Working pressure at 200 rpm 2,000 psi
Working pressure while stripping drill pipe 3,000 psi
Through-bore size 11 in.
RSBOP design API 16RCD and 16A
  • MPowerD MPD Pressure Control While Drilling System Spec Sheet

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