MPowerD MPD Riser Gas Handling System

Enables you to safely drill deepwater wells while handling unintended gas.

A render of an MPowerD Riser Gas Handling System
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The MPowerD™ riser gas handling (RGH) system is an engineering solution that enables safe drilling of deepwater wells through safe handling of unintended gas in the marine drilling riser.

The system enables a controlled circulation of gas that migrates above the subsea blowout preventer (BOP) with reduced risk for personnel, the environment, and your drilling budget. The RGH system easily scales to enable surface back pressure managed pressure drilling (MPD) and pressurized mud-cap drilling by adding additional equipment components.

Our scalable RGH system can be easily retrofitted and handled, offering improved safety in deepwater and ultradeepwater projects driven by high-pressure targets and tight drilling windows. Our system meets current tensile strengths of risers, making it ideal for use in mature fields exhibiting formation depletion that reduces the available drilling window. The system also assists in exploration wells where formation pressures are uncertain and kicks are possible.

Design Parameters

  • All components engineered as one specialty riser joint
  • Easily integrated and compatible with the FT-H riser from NOV and riser accessories
  • Adaptable for use with all below tension ring (BTR) rotating control devices
  • Total height of RGH joint: 55 ft
  • Total weight of RGH joint: 97,000 lbm

Flow Spool

  • Quick-acting dual ball valves for both RGH and MPD operations
  • Dual 6-in. flowlines to direct gas through the buffer manifold to the mud-gas separator
  • Hub connections on the flow spool gooseneck enable faster, safer installation

Quick-Closing Annular

  • Breakable at the spherical BOP (SBOP) for easy replacement of the element
  • Element can be swapped/replaced on the rig floor
  • Auxiliary lines go through body of SBOP and fit through a 60-in. rotary table
  • Sealing around drill pipe in MPD operations for changing out BTR rotating control device sealing element

Flow Spool Specifications

Gooseneck connections 6-in. GR52 Graylok 3M Hub
Max. body OD 58½ in.
Tension rating API 16R Class H – 3.5 million lbf
Throughbore nominal size 19¼ in.
Top flange Shaffer FT-H class riser
Bottom flange

Shaffer FT-H class riser

Hydraulic system pressure rating

1,500 psi

Quick-Closing Annular Specifications

Emergency closing time 5 sec
Max. body OD 58½ in.
Height 40¼ in.
Tension rating API 16R Class H – 3.5 million lbf
Throughbore nominal size 18¾ in.
Top flange 21¼ in. – 10,000 psi
Bottom flange Norsok L-005 22-in. CL 1500 compact flange
Element pressure rating 3,000 psi
Hydraulic system pressure rating 5,000 psi
Volumes Open: 13 gallons/Closed: 28 gallons
  • MPowerD MPD Riser Gas Handling System Spec Sheet

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