MR Mixers

The MR agitators gearbox is a proprietary, parallel-shaft, helical gear design that features a minimum 30,000-hour L10 bearing life and an oversized output shaft for optimal performance and extended service life.


Our MR model is the latest addition to a line of high-performance, reliable agitators by Chemineer™. When our MR gearbox is expertly matched with a wide variety of Chemineer impellers and other system components, MR agitators are capable of economically meeting your blending, dispersion, and other mixing needs.

NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372 certified

This product is Listed by UL. Representative samples of this product have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable safety standards.

Gearbox designed for agitator duty

The MR gearbox incorporates a larger output shaft straightened to exact tolerances and high-capacity tapered roller bearings into its design. The rugged cast iron housing of the MR gearbox features a double lip seal to effectively contain the gearbox lubricant as well as a swing-out seal change design that saves maintenance labor and reduces downtime. These design features reduce the overall initial cost of the gearbox and other agitation system components as well as reduce the maintenance costs of the agitator.

Versatile modular design

The modular design of MR agitators makes them well suited for a variety of mixing applications. MR agitators are designed to meet AGMA, OSHA, ANSI, IEC, DIN, EU, and ATEX standards and requirements. They may be supplied with integral gearmotors, standard NEMA and IEC motors, or explosion-proof motors. A variety of stuffing boxes or mechanical seals and many Chemineer custom pedestals, couplings, impellers, shafts, and steady bearings can be incorporated into the MR design as well. This product can be mounted to support beams or similar structures for open-tank operation or to support pedestals, plates, or flanges for closed-tank operation. The MR agitator and all its system components are included in the Chemineer Expert Design System (CEDS®), the industry-leading agitator design and analysis software program. CEDS helps ensure that MR components are selected and configured for optimal system performance and value.

Global availability

To support the global manufacturing footprint of our customers, MR agitators are available in all major global markets with the same NOV assurance of reliability, performance, and value. MR agitator gearboxes, mountings, and system components are also interchangeable with the Chemineer Model 20 HT and GT agitators, enabling customers to readily adapt or upgrade their agitator drives and system components to changes in application requirements or operating environments.

With all their versatility, MR agitators can become your global process system standard, helping to drive efficiencies in procurement and reduce maintenance costs and replacement part investment.

Impeller technology

Our impeller process technology is effectively applied across your spectrum of applications, ensuring successful, repeatable results from lab-scale to full-scale operations. Our 50+ years of mixing expertise includes low-shear liquid-liquid/solids blending, gas dispersion, high-shear blending, and viscous mixing. Whether it is the R&D or production phase, we have the experience, products, and services to solve your mixing challenges.

Mixer Seal

ChemSeal is a true Chemineer mixer seal designed for demanding top-entry agitator applications in which shaft movements are larger, speeds are slower, and conditions are more variable than those encountered by pump seals.

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