MSF Liner Hanger Packer

Qualified to the rigorous standards of API 14310 V3, the MSF liner top packer can withstand high differential pressures and heavy tubing loads during stimulation.


Our MSF liner top packer is designed specifically for the challenges of horizontal hydraulic multistage fracturing completions. The slips, designed with nearly fully circumferential contact with the casing, ensure that the system performs under stimulation pressures even in high-yield grades of casing. In addition, a one-piece sealing element helps to avoid swabbing and enables the higher circulation rates required to maintain hole cleanliness during deployment of the liner.


  • Large-bore liner top isolation packer is suitable for horizontal multistage fracturing operations.
  • Slips are set after the packing element is fully energized.
  • Slips are nearly fully circumferential, ensuring high load and pressure capacity.
  • Liner packer bore receptacle (PBR) is fitted with a latch profile so that stimulation tubing can be tied into the liner top.
  • Packer is set on a rugged hydraulic setting tool as part of the liner deployment string, ensuring fast and reliable running.
  • Can be run with rotating liner systems, allowing rotation of the lower completion through tight spots in the wellbore
  • Hardened slips to ensure setting in high-grade casings
  • One-piece mandrel with API threads


  • Large bore and ability to tie back eliminates the need for a second production packer as liner isolation.
  • Rotation ability ensures that the completion can be landed every time without problem.
  • Hydraulic setting tool allows shallow setting depths without concern about adequate element pack-off force.
  • Full-bore design allows passage of any balls or darts for cementing or stimulation.


  • Cemented or openhole HMSF stimulation wells
  • High-deviation or horizontal wells in which the liner hanger is at 90° inclination
  • Lower-completion tiebacks with stimulation or production tubing
  • ISO 14310 V3 qualified inside 7 in., casing with HNBR
  • MSF Liner Hanger Packer Data Sheet

  • MSF Liner Hanger Packer Case Study

A technician handles a MSF Liner Hanger Packer
A render of an MSF Liner Top Packer
A closeup of an MSF Liner Hanger Packer
A render of an MSF Liner Hanger Packer