APPCO multi-sanders are diesel-powered units that can take discharge from multiple frac-sanders and deliver up to 30,000 lb of material to one or two blenders per minute.


Our APPCO™ multi-sanders are utilized on large proppant frac jobs to accommodate discharge from up to eight frac-sanders.

The hydraulically-driven gathering belt is a unique design that uses a conveyor belt with a flexible high, vertical sidewall with steep climber cleats. This provides a compartmented belt system that allows for the high-angle discharge of materials into the double-discharge chute system. This system is provided with a hydraulically-activated flop gate that enables quick change of discharge to selected blenders.


  • 30-in. dual-belt and 36-in. single-belt options
  • Delivers up to 30,000 lb/min of material to one or two blenders
  • Engine control panel mounted on the driver side
  • Manual hydraulic control system
  • Pressure Pumping and Cementing 24-hour Support Contacts

Rear view of APPCO Multi-Sanders
Side view of APPCO Multi-Sanders

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