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MySCE Solids Control Application

Fast, accurate solids control application from any smart device

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The Brandt™ MySCE™ solids control phone application is a first to the market performance calculator designed to assist drilling management team members by predicting and modeling drilling costs that are controlled by solids control efficiency and cuttings waste management practices.

This indispensable software toolbox eliminates the need to sort through multiple spreadsheets or depend on estimates from 3rd parties for vital calculations affecting your drilling costs. You can now easily and immediately estimate fluid related costs including screen costs, base fluid usage, mud volumes, cuttings waste volume, and mud lost with cuttings. The MySCE application works as a pre-planning tool for future wells and/or benchmarking tool to evaluate past well performance against solids control metrics.

A practical and simple way to predict "what if" scenarios

 The application models performance based on well geometry, as well as measured solids control performance metrics. Simply input the required parameters into the calculator from anywhere in the world to understand clear predictions that assist in understanding anticipated well costs.

As a leader in solids control and waste management, the MySCE application builds on our proven history of industry-leading innovation focused on streamlining your operations and reducing drilling costs.  

Features and Benefits

  • Post well benching to KPIs
  • Predicating AFE cost for future wells
  • Creating “what if” simulations that relate solids control KPIs to each other and to overall costs
  • Standardizing of MCR, ROC, Retort Data, and more

Application Views

  • Well information
  • Calculators - screen cost estimator, cuttings handling KPIs, and mud to cuttings ratio
  • FAQs and references
  • MySCE Solids Control Application Flyer

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