NG-1800X Self-propelled jack-up

Multi-purpose Oil & Gas and Wind, High Utilization


The NG's are a series of multi-purpose jack-up. These units undertake transit and positioning offshore without tug assistance. The four legs and diagonal preloading capability allow for easy, fast and secure jacking and pre-loading operations.

The NG-1800X is intended for use in water depths of up to 40 m in a North Sea type rough environment and up to 55 m in a moderate type of environment. This unit is equipped with a well-balanced DP2 maneuvering capability and a VFD driven jacking system providing a controlled ramp-up / ramp-down, speed & torque control, for frequent, fast and secure jacking operations and with a built-in high redundancy.

The NG-1800X is a versatile unit and a smaller sister of the popular NG-2500X.


  • Transit and DP2 positioning on Offshore locations without tug assistance
  • Four legs and diagonal pre-loading for easy and fast installation onsite
  • Designed for survival
  • Large free deck space
  • Modern accommodation layout
  • VFD controlled Rack & Pinion jacking system
  • Fast, secure and controlled Jacking and Preloading
  • High number of jacking moves
  • Build-in redundancy
  • The NG series can be customized to owner’s specific requirements

Main Characteristics

Hull length 56.0 m
Hull width 32.0 m
Free deck space 700 m2 
 Overall leg length 76.0 m
Variable load(max) 63.7 m
Water depth 55.0 m
 Accommodation  up to 92 PoB
 Main crane  160 t at 15 m

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