Side view of Nitrogen Steam Vaporizer

Nitrogen Steam Vaporizer

Our Hydra Rig nitrogen steam vaporizer unit offers an alternate solution for pipeline and process work scopes.

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With maximum flow rates of 14,000 m3/hr and pressures up to 34 bar, our Hydra Rig™ nitrogen steam vaporizer is a cost-effective solution to nitrogen projects with low pressure and high flow-rate conditions.

This equipment is simple in design and made for easy operation, with integrated control systems allowing the operators to control and set discharge pressure and temperature parameters specific to their operation. The nitrogen steam vaporizer unit is available complete with an integrated boost pump package, if necessary, to boost inlet flow rates and pressures where required. This unit is also available in integrated trailer and tank packages.

Our vaporizers are built and designed in-house and certified to PED standards. These products are available with or without offshore lifting certification. Where high-temperature steam is available on-site, this vaporizer is the perfect solution to reducing project head count and allowing efficient nitrogen operations.

Additionally, the vaporizer can be used in conjunction with an ambient vaporizer or plant gas to super-heat the product gas to 200 °C.


  • PED certified
  • Available with DNV lift certification
  • Additional control systems available
  • Complete with an electronic gaseous mass flow meter
  • Complete with tool box
  • Optional boost pump package available
  • Optional tank and trailer package integration available

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