A series of Non-Code Vessels in use

Non-Code Vessels

Wilco provides a multitude of various non-code vessel and tank designs for storage and handling of dry bulk products.

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These vessels come complete with 5-in. discharge pipe with a flange at the base of the cone, 5-in. fill pipe with a victaulic grooved connection located in the cone, and 5-in. vent pipe with a victaulic grooved connection located in the cone. The tank is supported by four 8-in. pipe legs with an I-beam skid-base. A 3-in air supply manifold with a victaulic connection is located on one pipe leg. The tank includes a complete aeration system for supplying air pressure to the tank and fluidizing the bulk materials for pneumatic conveying. One 20-in. bolted cover, nonpressure manway is located in the cone, and one 20-in. nonpressure manway is installed in the tank head with an interior ladder. Our non-code storage silos come complete with sandblast and a two-coat paint system of a single color, though less an external ladder and OSHA ladder cage.

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