NOVOS Reflexive Drilling System

NOVOS is the industry’s only reflexive drilling system, automating repetitive drilling activities, benefiting contractors by allowing drillers to focus on consistent process execution and safety, and benefiting operators by optimizing drilling programs.


What is NOVOS?

We provide the technical expertise, advanced equipment and operational support our customers in the oil and gas industry need to succeed. We have the people, capabilities and vision to serve the needs of a challenging and evolving industry.

The driller oversees the process and can easily take control if desired.

NOVOS™ is the industry’s only reflexive drilling system, automating repetitive drilling activities, benefiting contractors by allowing drillers to focus on consistent process execution and safety, and benefiting operators by optimizing drilling programs.

What Is a “Reflexive Drilling System”?

A reflexive drilling system is designed to perform a series of actions when prompted, just as human reflex respond when acted upon by a specific stimulus. The NOVOS reflexive drilling system is easily scalable and can augment existing people and processes for greater control, consistency and enhanced performance, or expand all the way to full closed-loop automation.

NOVOS Advantages

NOVOS provides control and consistency for any operation. It allows drillers to automate repetitive drilling activities, such as making a connection (offshore), coming off and on bottom, with specific parameters for circulation, weight-on-bit and more. The result is greater consistency, with every driller – regardless of individual experience level – able to achieve the same improved performance time and time again.

Precise Control

Set the exact parameters to meet the needs of your drilling program, from circulation to weight-on-bit and everything in between, and the NOVOS system performs at the push of a button.

Unmatched Consistency

Regardless of who’s at the controls, the NOVOS system offers the same performance, again and again, eliminating NPT and protecting your equipment.

Increased Performance

With more consistency comes greater performance. Because the reflexive system automates repetitive tasks, you’ll achieve better average performance throughout the entire drilling lifecycle, regardless of the experience level of the driller.

Infinite Customization

With additional off-the-shelf apps that can be tailored to your needs or completely custom designs, the NOVOS system can be updated to meet specific needs with just a bit of software.

Minimal Interruption

The whole system can be installed in 12 hours and requires limited additional hardware.


NOVOS apps

Custom apps can help configure the NOVOS system specifically for your crew and processes.

NOVOS core apps

Come with NOVOS
Drill to Plan Uses the pre-loaded well plan as a target and drills down the same way every time.
Rotation Manually adjust rotation and automatic oscillation of the top drive based on degrees or wraps. Drillers can also configure on-bottom and off-bottom RPM so that NOVOS automatically reduces rotation ever time the bit is off bottom. Other apps can also replace this rotation app to automatically control RPM.
Circulation Manually adjust flow rate. Driller can also configure on-bottom and off-bottom flow so that NOVOS automatically reduces flow every time the bit is off bottom.
Drill Standard autodriller setpoints. An application can be developed to automatically adjust the drilling setpoints.
Tag Bottom User can configure how NOVOS lowers the drill bit into the formation. User can configure drawworks velocity, ROP, and any parameters used for finding the bottom of the hole. NOVOS will automatically look for stable weight before ramping off-bottom RPM to on-bottom RPM.
Rig Config User can configure how each tool operates. For example, how fast or slow mud pumps ramp, how fast or slow drawworks lowers and hoists, etc.
Friction Test NOVOS will automatically run through the process of gathering pickup and slackoff weights as well as off-bottom rotating weight and torque. NOVOS will capture these values at the exact same distance every time and these values can be used for torque and drag purposes.
Planning Well program, upper and lower limits for drilling parameters.
Equipment Control Manual adjustment of specific rig tools such as links, IBOP, RLA, etc.
Tare Values Manual adjustment of tare values (zeroing WOB and Delta P)
Downlinking Automates process of downlinking to a directional drilling tool.
Advanced Drill Automatically adjusts autodriller setpoints so that the driving paramater is not being limited by the control loop.
Drilloff User can manually input WOB and RPM setpoints; user configures what setpoints should be used and when; preconfigured setpoints used once application starts and not modifiable; sends setpoints that had the best ROP back to NOVOS for the driller to use while he has control of the system.
Surge and Swab Provides control to manually adjust surge and swab envelope protections.

NOVOS enhanced apps

Added capablities available now
SoftSpeed II (Only present if hardware on rig) Stick-slip prevention service uses automated vibration dampening to mitigate torsional vibration and reduce stick-slip oscillations during drilling operations.
Autodriller Gains Control Allows driller to manually control Amphion gains.
Motor Optimizer Detects motor stalls and alerts the driller.
TrueDrill* Real-time supervisory application utilizes software and rig equipment to deliver a downhole weight on bit (DWOB) desired by the driller. TrueDrill provides significant ROP benefits, both sliding and rotating. The application provides increased bit stability, steady WOB and smoother toolface.
Kaizen Provides automation of drilling parameter selection using unique algorithms to maximize ROP while minimizing MSE of the drilling system.
Downhole DrillShark* Aims to optimize ROP and minimze BHA vibrations while drilling ahead by controlling the weight and RPM input into the system.

NOVOS commissioned apps

Ask us to code your great idea
Service Company 001 Provides interface for service company drilling control system.
E&P 001 Automatically adjust autodriller gain setting based on real-time drilling data
E&P 002 Provides interface with operator modules.
E&P 003 Learn best drilling patterns from analog wells and generate best drilling roadmap
E&P 004 Automated directional calculations for motor yield and build rate.
E&P 005 Provides NOVOS UI for management of drilling contractor power generators.

Third-party apps

SDK to turn your ideas into action
AI Driller 001 Created by a single entrepreneur. Adjusts drilling parameters to improve drilling performance.
University 001 Created by the University of Texas to enhance drilling by their proprietary algorithms.
University 002 Created by the University of Calgary to enhance drilling by their proprietary algorithms.
Fuel An easy way to achieve the most fuel-efficient drilling across an entire fleet (available at app developers discretion)

*Utilizes NOV Wired Drill Pipe

System requirements

NOV Controls NOVOS integrates seamlessly with our Amphion and Cyberbase Controls Sytems.
NOV Top Drive We offer the widest range and variety of Top Drive systems in the world, providing you with the best selection of models to fit your specific drilling needs.
NOV Drawworks We offer our customers with the most advanced drawworks in the industry.
NOV Mud Pumps Our broad range of mud-pumping systems is specifically equipped to meet almost any customer need.
  • NOVOS Reflexive Drilling System BrochureAutomate repetitive tasks, allowing the driller to focus on consistent process execution and safety

  • NOVOS and wired drill pipe Case Study

  • NOVOS reduces connection times for major operator on Alaskan North Slope Case Study

feet drilled

most deployed automation system

days of operation

Benefits of a reflexive drilling system

Our Sr. VP of Strategic Sales for ReedHycalog, Tony Pink, and Director of Engineering for R&D/NOVOS in Rig Technologies, Frank Springett, explain the benefits of our NOVOS reflexive drilling system.

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