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NP-1600 Liquid Nitrogen Quintuplex Pump

The pump uses tapered roller bearings and a pressure feed lubrication system for positive lubrication, ensuring increased pump life over conventional pumps.

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The NP-1600 high-pressure pump is specifically designed to deliver high flow rates at high pressure while providing exceptional low flow rate turndown.

This new design approach uses low-friction roller bearings rather than journal bearings to significantly enhance durability—particularly at low speeds at which other pumps using journal bearings are most vulnerable. This design also operates at a much cooler temperature. This means less lube oil system requirements, which saves weight without sacrificing unit durability.

This pump is internally balanced so that an externally mounted counter balance does not compromise the reliability of the unit. This enhancement also provides a much smoother pump by balancing each cylinder rather than compensating from the end of the shaft. Maximum rod load is increased to 73,500 lb (versus 58,000 lb for competitive offerings). This enables nearly 27% increased working pressure without changing to smaller cold ends.

The pump will accept existing cold ends and increase their capabilities.


NP-1600 Liquid Nitrogen Quintuplex Pump Specifications

Cold-end diameter 2 in. (5.08 cm) 2.5 in. (6.35 cm) 2.875 in. (7.303 cm) 3 in. (7.62 cm) 3.25 in. (8.255 cm)
Number of pistons 5
Stroke length 2.25 in. (5.72 cm)
Weight without cold ends and lube oil *5,000 in. (2,268 cm)
Length 70 in. (177.80 cm)
Width 40.5 in. (102.87 cm)
Height 39 in. (99.06 cm)
Gearbox Standard
Maximum RPM 900
Operation characteristics at 90% volumetric
Maximum flow 124 gal/min (469 L/min) 193 gal/min (733 L/min) 255 gal/min (969 L/min) 279 gal/min (1055 L/min) 327 gal/min (1238 L/min)
Maximum flow 692,000 SCFH (19 600 m3/hr) 1,082,000 SCFH (30 600 m3/hr) 1,431,000 SCFH (40 500 m3/hr) 1,558,000 SCFH (44 100 m3/hr) 1,828,000 SCFH (51 700 m3/hr)
Maximum pressure 15,000 psi (103 MPa) 15,000 psi (103 MPa) 11,200 psi (77 MPa) 10,000 psi (69 MPa) 8,800 psi (61 MPa)

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