OCEAN500 Semi-submersible

Safe Working and Living Environment


GustoMSC designed the OCEAN500 accommodation unit for worldwide operation with a large operability (uptime) in mind at competitive building costs. To achieve the highest uptime for the unit, being the time connected to the fixed platform by its gangway, the following aspects have been given great care: optimizing the motions, excellent DP performance, gangway position and the large maximum stroke of the telescopic gangway. Furthermore the OCEAN500 concept was intended to be cost efficient by its construction principle of flat panel and flexible layout.


  • Safe working & living environment
  • Hotel facilities for 500 persons
  • Deck storage of 1,500 m3
  • 5,500 mt of variable load
  • 38.5 m telescopic gangway
  • 10 knots transit speed
  • Deck cranes of 300 mt and 60 mt
  • The OCEAN series can be fully customized to owner’s specific requirements

Main characteristics


33,300 t

Accommodation 750 POB
Positioning DP3 + mooring
Deckload 2,500 t

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