Offshore Diesel Generators (US)

Our customizable diesel generators are manufactured to supply power to any offshore job site.

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Portable Power rents diesel generators that quietly supply power to any job site. All units are custom-built to withstand harsh environments, employing heavy-duty sound-attenuated housings and stainless steel amenities. Models range in size and power capabilities, ranging from 15 to 1250 kW (prime power).


  • Heavy-duty offshore skid and housing
    • Prolongs equipment life
  • Sound-attenuated housing
    • Reduces noise in work area
  • Primary Racor fuel system with US Coast Guard (USCG)-approved fuel hoses
    • Reduces generator failure due to bad fuel
  • Fully-wrapped exhaust system with spark-arrested exhaust silencer
    • Ensures safe operation
  • Redundant automatic shutdown system and emergency manual shutdown
  • Three-phase door-ajar safety switch
  • Automatic oil maintainer
    • Maintains normal engine oil usage
  • Soldered core and oversized radiator
  • Color-coded bus bar
    • Provides quick and easy hookup
  • Paralleling capability from 500 kW- 1250 kW
    • Allows units to run in conjunction for increased power (kW)
  • VPI and crane-duty exciter fields
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