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Offshore dual tensioner cable lay system

Offshore Lay Systems

Backed by years of experience and a global support network, we deliver systems and equipment for laying offshore umbilicals, flexible flowlines, rigid pipe, and cable. Use our expertise to ensure you get the right equipment on schedule and on budget.

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We base our solutions on modular equipment and flexible system designs that let you choose your vessel layout based on market demand. Thanks to years of combined expertise of serving the industry under the Norson, AmClyde, and Remacut brands, we offer a range of offshore pipe and cable laying solutions backed by a global support network.

Our rigid and flexible lay systems range from small, modular bolt-on solutions that can be quickly mobilized on any vessel of opportunity up to large, specialized pipe laying vessels with integrated pipe carousel systems. As the market leader on large carousel systems, we use our extensive experience to create cost-efficient vessel adaptations that provide the offshore pipe lay system characteristics you need.

Lay system options

  • Horizontal lay system: Can lay a single product or two products simultaneously in dual lay application; typically used for shallow-water lay operations
  • J-lay systems: Most commonly used for deepwater pipeline installation
  • Reel lay: Can be used to handle flexible pipe, rigid pipe, and umbilical
  • S-lay system: Most commonly used for laying concrete-coated thin-wall pipe in shallow water depths or thick-wall polymer-coated pipe in deep water
  • Vertical lay system: Simple and efficient method of deploying and recovering flexible flowlines, umbilicals, and power cables in a safe and environmentally friendly manner
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System Integration

Our integrated control systems are built purposefully for offshore pipe laying and cable laying to monitor and manage the entire process, ensuring each step in the product line is synchronized.

Lay System that includes knuckleboom cranes, cable tensioners, and overboarding chute on the Lewek Connector
Lay system that includes knuckleboom cranes, cable tensioners, and overboarding chute
Storage carousels
Storage carousels
Traction winches
Traction winches
Pipe rollers and traction winch on an offshore pipelay vessel
Pipe rollers and traction winch on an offshore pipelay vessel
Pipe and cable tensioners
Pipe and cable tensioners
Vertical lay systems
Vertical lay systems
Lay equipment and cranes
Lay equipment and cranes