Overhead view of BW Catcher docked shoreside

Offshore Produced Water Treatment

Our produced water treatment products offer easy on-site operation and cost-effective solutions.

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Our proven and robust produced water treatment products, designed for easy operation on-site, comprise deoiling hydrocyclones, skim tanks, corrugated plate interceptors, and degassing vessels. All can be retrofitted into existing vessels and tanks or supplied as new-build packages, and—while some are offered as standard solutions—we can cost-effectively tailor solutions to meet customer needs.

Flotation technologies

Our flotation portfolio includes both full-size and compact systems for installations. The range of systems encompasses traditional hydraulic and mechanical flotation, as well as vertical induced gas flotation, to deliver the most economical and reliable produced-water treatment solutions.

Filtration, polishing, and enhancement

We develop and provide unique technologies for polishing and enhancement of produced-water treatment to work alongside our wider product portfolio.

Our Mare’s Tail™ coalescer is a unique technology that can reverse the effects of oil-droplet shear to restore the separability of produced water and oil. Located upstream of the main traditional and modern deoiling technologies, it is considered a best available technique in the industry. For polishing applications in arduous conditions, our uniquely designed nutshell filters provide reliable deoiling and particle filtration to minimize the operational costs of media attrition and backwash treatment.

Compact cyclonic processing

Our CySep™ technology is a compact, modular cyclonic separation system for bulk removal of water from wellstreams.

Ideal for debottlenecking existing production systems to increase processing and environmental performance, CySep also has a low weight and footprint. Its modular design incorporates several cyclonic separation components that can be configured to enable full three-phase separation as well as solids removal.

Desanding and deoiling hydrocyclones

We have decades of experience in designing and delivering sand management technologies, including vessel sand jetting, desanding hydrocyclones, and sand-washing systems. We also offer the Tore™ online vessel desanders and sand-handling systems.

These can be supplied individually or as complete handling systems for removal, cleaning, dewatering, and bagging of solids. As standard or bespoke products, they will meet even the most demanding process requirements. If necessary, we can further validate any application through laboratory and field-based physical modeling or through computational fluid dynamics techniques.

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Produced water treatment module in a facility
BW Catcher docked shoreside while waiting deployment for offshore produced water treatment
BW Catcher docked in SIngapore while waiting deployment for offshore produced water treatment

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