Offshore Production Solutions

Our team of recognized brands come together to streamline, optimize, and modernize offshore production, no matter the stream.

  • Egina FPSO Case History

As energy sources evolve, increasing the wellstream production efficiency and lifetime of existing facilities is a vital alternative to new field developments. With a focus on the full lifecycle of the development, we provide solutions to unlock your full field potential.

NOV and Chevron announce joint development agreement focused on improving offshore processing efficiencies. Learn more

As a global family, our story of evolution goes deeper than the waters that we operate in. Offshore Production brings NOV together across all segments, business units, and brands as a single, integrated solution provider to the offshore market. We combine Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), with superior technologies and EPC delivery and integrated systems to provide our customers with the ultimate toolkit to optimize upstream operations.

OEM Experience

  • Concept feasibility consultancy
  • Pre-FEED, FEED
  • Engineering solutions and consultancy

World Class Technology

  • Flexible pipe and ancillaries
  • Subsea hardware
  • Subsea storage & water treatment
  • Turret, mooring, loading & offloading
  • Composite solutions
  • Process technologies
  • Mobile offshore production units
  • Conductor connectors
  • Heavy lift cranes
  • Jacking, skidding, and fixation systems
  • Jack-up and floater design
  • Lifting and handling equipment
  • Pipe and cable lay systems

EPC Product Delivery and Integrated Systems

  • Subsea tiebacks
  • Integrated process topsides
  • Mobile production unit and subsea export systems
  • Aftermarket

Eliminate risk

We help you to increase profits and efficiency, no matter  your project status, challenges, or goals.

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Produced Water Treatment

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APL designs and manufactures cost-efficient and innovative technology with a focus on products in the interface between the seabed and the floating units.

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Subsea Production Systems

Subsea Production Systems leverages in-depth knowledge, disruptive technologies, and technically innovative subsea solutions to enhance our customers’ energy portfolio.

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XL Systems

XL Systems' oil and gas applications include conductor strings, surface casing, liners, and caissons.

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Bondstrand Composite Solutions for the Offshore Market

Engage with us early to optimize your projects

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subsea floor with equipment
Technician standing in front of large coiled tubing
railings on offshore rig
docked ship carrying offshore equipment
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Webinars and NOV Live

Webinar - Unlock stranded reserves with mobile production and subsea

Unlock marginal and stranded reserves by combining of integrating mobile production, topside and subsea technologies provide a truly unique hybrid solution for flexible, economical field development that’s also reusable, and re-deployable.

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NOV Live International - Topside Process Solutions

Join us as we speak with Rune Fantoft, Senior Vice President - Wellstream Processing, as he discusses Process and Flow Technologies Topside Solutions.

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NOV Live - Structures and Subsea Composites

Join us on #NOVLive as we speak with Simon Eves about fiber glass innovation driving down CAPEX and OPEX in offshore subsea projects. We'll also have our regular #RigGeeks segment (with prizes!).

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NOV Live - Subsea oil and condensate storage

Join us as we kick off this week's NOV Live episode. We're talking subsea storage systems, unmanned operations, and low carbon footprint. We'll have our #AskAssaad segment and our #RigGeeks post of the week - with a prize for the winning answer to today's trivia question.

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NOV Live - XL Systems - the foundation for World Class wells

Matthew Tate joins #NOVLive today to talk about XL Systems! Tune in LIVE on Wednesday and let us know below if you have questions for Matt!

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NOV Live - Subsea pre-water treatment to prevent bio-fouling

This week on #NOVLive, we're answering the question, Offshore Seawater Treatment: topside, subsea or both? Here to provide their insights are Wouter Van Korven and Eirik Dirdal. Tune in or comment to ask Eirik and Wouter your questions!

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