Oil in Water Monitoring interface on laptop screen

Oil in Water Monitoring

Inject less oil into your well and more profit into your business

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Armed with real-time Oil-in-Water (OiW) concentration data and powerful historical trending tools, you can quickly identify process improvements and optimize production operations for Saltwater Disposal (SWD) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) facilities. Our low-cost solution enables operators to capture additional oil and prevent costly well damage.

Through GoConnect™, we also monitor the health of the OiW instrument and provide a full-service maintenance and automated cleaning program, which relieves operators of the hassle and ensures the data delivered is more accurate and reliable than comparable technology.

We offer either short-term rental or purchase with services available to meet your specific needs. Don’t ignore this blind spot in your operations. Start monitoring today, and achieve your facility performance goals.


  • Low-cost, flexible design for variety of applications
  • Continuous real-time oil concentration data
  • Easily integrate other process inputs (flow rates, tank levels, etc.)
  • Automated process condition alarms and notifications
  • Automated cleaning cycles to ensure reliable data
  • No operator maintenance or calibration required


  • Maximize oil recovery
  • Prevent injection well damage
  • Efficient and productive site visits
  • Improve profits
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