Oil Separation and Stabilization

We provide complete separation, dehydration, and desalting solutions for crude oil.


Whether we provide individual technologies, packages, complete process systems, or operational support for oil separation and stabilization, our objective is the same: We work closely with our customers to identify the best solution for them. We provide advice and technologies based on deep product expertise and hands-on field experience and provide equipment at a reasonable price that will work as promised.

Our experience spans from onshore to offshore processing, fixed platforms to FPSOs, heavy oil to condensate treatment, and upstream to refinery applications.

High efficiency separator internals

Our separator internals maximize the performance of horizontal separators, slug catchers, flare gas knockout drums, degassers, and gas scrubbers. We understand the risk of damaging an expensive gas compressor with cheap scrubber internals.

We study, design, and produce high efficiency internals for both new separators and for retrofit of old separators in operation. Our expertise in upgrading existing equipment is something we consider unique. We find solutions to typical operational problems by implementing retrofit experience and differentiating product designs. Lessons learned are incorporated in our design practices to ensure that new project deliveries benefit from past field experience.

All removable internals are delivered with professional arrangement drawings and detailed instructions for how to perform the assembly and installation inside the pressure vessel.


Double your oil production or reduce water carryover from the separator to less than half. The ePack is an electrostatic plate pack coalescer, which can be built into new or existing gravity separators to improve the oil-water separation process. Electrostatic separation is commonly used in industry for removing residual water from oil. The ePack and its unique design features now makes it possible to perform electrostatic separation reliably also with presence of gas and large quantities of water. The technology will dramatically increase the separation efficiency which can increase oil throughput, reduce water carryover, reduce cost of heating, and reduce size of processing equipment.


The compact electrostatic coalescer (CEC) technology is a small, lightweight flow-through system that increases the size of water droplets dispersed in petroleum oil, greatly enhancing the separation performance in a downstream gravity separator.

Electrostatic treaters

We provide onshore and offshore projects with solutions for electrostatic dehydration and desalting of crude oil. We have developed an intelligent digital application on our Process Intelligence Manager platform, with the objective of providing advice for the most optimal operation of the crude oil desalting process. The many process variables in a crude oil desalting package can be tuned correctly, reaching the salt and residual water specifications robustly at minimal OPEX.

  • Haewene Brim Case History

  • CEC® Compact Electrostatic Coalescer Data Sheet

  • ePack Electrostatic Plate Pack Coalescer Data Sheet

  • Noble Energy Case History

  • LLOG Case History

  • Ichthys Case History

  • P76 Case History

  • Bellevue Case History

  • Separator Internals Data Sheet

  • Dimlington Terminal Case History

  • Vladimir Filanovsky Field Case History

  • ePack Technology Training Flyer

  • Electrostatic Coalescer and Desalter Training Flyer

  • Multiphase Separation Training Flyer

Electrostatic coalescer
Electrostatic coalescer
ePack installation in separator
ePack installation in separator
Vane inlet and mesh agglomerator
Removable vane inlet and mesh agglomerator in scrubber
casted swirl inducers
Maximize demisting performance with casted swirl inducers
CEC electrode cartridge
CEC electrode cartridge being installed
NOV inlet device with diffuser banks
The NOV inlet device with diffuser banks will replace your inlet cyclones

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