Onshore Natural Gas Generator (US)

Powered by the intrepid Cummins engine, Portable Power offers the NG-CU natural gas generator with sizes ranging from 75 to 250 kW.


With both stationary and mobile EPA certification, the natural gas generator cuts down on emissions and annual site testing that is otherwise necessary. Our natural gas generators use naturally supplied fuel that would normally flare, cutting fuel costs substantially with a savings of nearly 40% per month (depending on size of machine). The generator is powered by the renowned Cummins engine.

Using satellite telemetry, each of our units can be monitored for the exact location, run time, fault code, and indication of any unit that needs service. This eliminates wasted downtime and allows you to always know where the asset is located while ensuring the most accurate billing.

Our Portable Power group manufactures, sells, and rents portable generators, electrical distribution, and temperature equipment for any job site. Generator rentals include diesel generators for land and offshore use as well as natural gas generators for land use.


  • Retrofitted with PECO coalescing filtration system
    • Separates impurities from the wellhead gas and minimizes downtime
  • Stationary and mobile EPA certified
    • Cuts down on emissions and annual site testing
  • Natural fuel supply
    • Fuel cost cut substantially with savings of nearly 40%
  • Remote monitoring
    • Eliminates downtime and allows customers to locate asset for most accurate billing
  • Custom explosion-proof distribution
    • Custom electrical distribution—both explosion-proof and rain-tight—allowing protection of all powered equipment regardless of project configuration
  • Arctic packages
    • Retrofitted to operate in harsh sub-Arctic temperatures with block heaters, battery trickle charge, and heat-traced blow-by-tubes
  • Rigsaver – AMOT air shutdown
    • Provides emergency overspeed shutdown, a must for operating on offshore or land rigs
  • Technical expertise
    • 24/7 support on all equipment

Specifications and Dimensions

Size Weight Dimensions
75 kW 9,800 lb 144 × 59 × 74 in.
150 kW 14,000 lb 176 × 84 × 80 in.
250 kW 19,000 lb 204 × 85 × 97 in.