ECR | Electronic Completions Recorder | OrionNet 3.5

Share real-time data between the wellsite and the office.


OrionNET™ software acquires and stores important field job data. The touchscreen-compatible software can display these data in real time, either locally or remotely. OrionNET software is Ethernet-based, modular, and configurable to user requirements.

OrionNET enables the end user to:

  • View secure, real-time data from a Windows based PC connected to the Internet
  • Monitor multiple jobs from a single location
  • Obtain remote diagnostics and support
  • Configure displays, including horizontal charts, using imperial, metric, or combination units

OrionNET allows you to confidently manage data by using the software in conjunction with the Orion III, IV, or V hardware system or with another controller system. Users can customize viewer displays and configure large digital displays and strip charts using imperial, metric, or combination units. They can also pause and resume acquisition for a set time period, back-up databases by copying to a USB drive, and split large databases into smaller fragments for merging after emailing.


  • Acquire data from multiple sources
  • View data remotely
  • Create customized screen layouts
  • Acquire and store data automatically on system start-up or on demand
  • Use diagnostics displays to help identify and resolve any issues with Orion V, Orion IV, ASCII via Serial, and derived channel data sources
  • Password-protect the configuration utility and the view-designer layout
  • Append data to an existing database
  • Export data to a CSV file
  • Use the OrionNET reporting functionality to modify copies of original databases to adjust sensor-data using factors, trim beginning or ending data, and merge databases from the same job
  • Filter data within the reporting functionality's data log
  • Integrate with other hardware/software systems via ASCII or WITS0 output streams
  • Incorporate alarms and warnings (high and low) on every channel
  • Use OrionNET and Cerberus v10.0 or later software in tandem to model:
    • Forces: real-time measured versus predicted values
    • Fatigue: real-time fatigue life calculations
    • Limits: real-time burst and collapse

OrionNET 3.5 Enhancements

  • Auto push data to Max Completions and simplified start-up screen
  • Default system channels added
    • Manual
      • CSG 1 ID
      • CSG 2 ID
      • CT OD
      • Density
      • Pump rate
      • Return rate
      • Viscosity
    • Derived Channels
      • Differential pressure
      • Bottoms up time
      • Annular volume
      • Annular velocity

OrionNET Specifications

Operation system

Windows 10®


8th Gen i5 or better


8 GB or 16 GB with Cerberus

Available storage

10 GB

Display resolution

1440 x 900


Keyboard and mouse or touchscreen

Ethernet for Orion DAS


.NET framework



Hardware Controller

If an older Orion controller model is in use, some features of OrionNET may not be available. Please contact us if the currently used Orion DAS was built before 2000.

  • OrionNET v3.5 Release Notes

  • OrionNET 3.5 Data Acquisition Software Data Sheet

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