Pegasus Series Drill Bits

Increased stability, maximum durability, and improved ROP – even in the most challenging drilling environments.


In the mythical past, Pegasus was the winged horse that proved immortal against all its opponents and could overcome every challenge. In the modern world, drilling challenges are becoming increasingly tougher, and the demands of drill bits are rising. ReedHycalog's new premium Pegasus™ series drill bits combine industry-leading technologies to overcome the harshest and most challenging drilling applications, including geothermal. Where existing fixed-cutter, hybrid, and roller cone bits have fallen short of their target, Pegasus drill bits are here to fly you to the next level of bit performance.

As drilling applications have increased in scope and complexity, the demands of drill bits have expanded. To increase efficiency and performance, these tools are expected to enhance the rest of the bottomhole assembly, ensure the directional and formation targets are achieved, and reduce nonproductive time. Like the mystical beast, our new premium Pegasus series drill bits are ready to battle and dominate any drilling challenge in any large-diameter application.

Right from the start, the Pegasus Series proved its superior durability and reliability with two successful runs in challenging drilling environments. Read more about its success here.

Pegasus Series Drill Bits—always victorious.

Features and Benefits

  • The latest ION+™ shaped cutter technology provides a customized, stable, and efficient cutting structure to reduce torque generation and maximize ROP in hard, abrasive, and interbedded formations.
  • A dual-diameter design allows the pilot to pre-fracture the formation while the reamer then drills stress-relieved rock to maximize lateral stability and improve drilling efficiency.
  • The MaxSteer™ enhanced gauge length feature maximizes drilling agility and steering potential. The MaxSteer low-aspect ratio feature enables higher and more reliable dog leg capability coupled with increased bit stability and wellbore quality.
  • Struts™ high-density impreg secondary elements on the pilot and reamer gauge combine carbide toughness with diamond hardness to protect the primary cutting structure against impact damage and enhance bit stability.
  • The BitIQ™ smart sensor technology provides tri-axial vibration, RPM, and temperature data. BitIQ collects data that optimizes drill bit design and improves performance for the entire drilling system.

  • Pegasus Drill Bits Flyer

  • Pegasus Series Drill Bits 12.25" P66 Case Study

  • Pegasus Series Drill Bits 16" P66 Case Study

Front facing render of the Pegasus Series drill bit
Top angled render of the Pegasus Series drill bit
Angled front facing render of the Pegasus Series drill bit
Top facing rendr of the Pegasus Series drill bit

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