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A Permanent Magnetic Motor (PMM) featured before a series of silos

Permanent Magnetic Motor Driveheads

The Permanent Magnetic Motor (PMM) series of direct drives offer the highest level of energy efficiency. The M-75 PMM is designed for medium- to high-horsepower applications, while the M-105 PMM is designed for high-horsepower applications.

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Our dedication to safety is front and center in the PMM, with an integrated failsafe resistive brake, a single rotating external part, and no overhung motor mass for a safe install.

The PMM drive is environmentally friendly, requiring less energy to operate, and it boasts an extremely quiet performance.


  • Safety provided by:
    • Integrated failsafe electronic-resistive brake
    • Elimination of rotating parts, such as belts and sheaves
    • Perfectly balanced lifting with no overhung motor mass
  • Highly efficient motor that reduces electrical energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Delivers exceptionally high-starting torque and rated torque efficiently over entire operating revolutions per minute (RPM) value
  • Quiet operation—68 dB at 10 ft (3 m)
  • Provides a fully optimized system when paired with the Guardian II VFD 

Permanent Magnetic Motor Driveheads Style Specifications

  M-75 PMM M-105 PMM
Drive type Direct Direct
Shaft type Hollow Hollow
Drive style Bearing Bearing
Input style Vertical Vertical
Drive ratio 1:1 1:1
Backspin control Integrated resistive braking through VFD Integrated resistive braking through VFD

Permanent Magnetic Motor Driveheads Ratings Specifications

*Ca90 load rating is for 90 million revolutions. Reducing load one-half increases life 10 times. Reducing RPM by one-half doubles hours of life. **Efficiency and RPM/torque are typically derated at higher temperatures.

  M-75 PMM M-105 PMM
Max. output torque 750 ft-lbs (1,017 Nm) 1,000 ft-lbs (1,355 Nm)
Speed range 30 to 450 RPM 30 to 450 RPM
Thrust bearing 165,000 ISO lbf (Optional 297,000 ISO lbf) 165,000 ISO lbf (Optional 297,000 ISO lbf)
Thrust bearing* 43,000 Ca90 lbf (Optional 77,000 Ca90 lbf) 43,000 Ca90 lbf (Optional 77,000 Ca90 lbf)
Polish rod size 1¼ in. (32 mm) or 1½ in. (48 mm) 1¼ in. (32 mm) or 1½ in. (48 mm)
Max. operating temperature** 112 °F (50 °C) 112 °F (50 °C)

Permanent Magnetic Motor Driveheads Dimension Specifications

  M-75 PMM M-105 PMM
Height with retro stuffing box 69.7 in. (1,770 mm) 72.7 in. (1,847 mm)
Height with integral stuffing box 53.2 in. (1,350 mm) 56.2 in. (1,427 mm)
Diameter 30 in. (760 mm) 30 in. (760 mm)
Width 37 in. (940 mm) 37 in. (940 mm)
Weight (no stuffing box) 1,430 lbs (650 kg) 1,550 lbs (705 kg)
  • M-75 PMM Drivehead Flyer (English)
  • M-75 PMM Drivehead Flyer (Spanish)
  • M-105 PMM Drivehead Flyer (English)
  • M-105 PMM Drivehead Flyer (Spanish)