Petro-Pile Sump Caisson

The Petro-Pile Sump Caisson is the most effective device available today for collection, treatment, and discharge of open drains water from offshore platforms.


The Petro-Pile™ sump caisson is a flexible and reliable method to remove oil from open drains water. Patented features including the quiet chamber and adjustable weir pipe allow the skim point to be adjusted for variations in operating conditions and prevent water being pumped back to the topsides. The operation of the Petro-pile™ is not impacted by wave action, tidal changes, or storm surge and has been successfully used on fixed jacket, tension leg, spar, and semi-submersible platforms in all major offshore areas including the Gulf of Mexico, Africa, and Asia.

  • Petro-Pile Sump Caisson Case History

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