PETROS Fluid System

The tougher the downhole, the more you need the high performance of a PETROS oil-based drilling fluid system.


Operators are going to increasingly extreme lengths to locate elusive oil and gas reserves these days, often well outside the functional jurisdiction of conventional water-based drilling fluids. That’s when you need PETROS oil-based drilling fluid system.

In the most technically demanding downhole conditions and wellbore geometries, PETROS consistently maintains the utmost in formation integrity and delivers the comparatively superior temperature stability, inhibition, lubricity, and rates of penetration you expect from a high-performance invert emulsion drilling fluid. In the most daunting applications, the PETROS oil-based drilling fluid routinely slashes mud-related nonproductive time (NPT) and delivers exceptional ROP to reduce your overall well costs.

Like any diesel-based mud, PETROS poses some environmental limitations that ordinarily would restrict its use to select onshore applications. However, when used in tandem with our industry-leading closed-loop drilling package, PETROS produces the same cost-effective efficiencies but with a reduced environmental footprint in drilling-challenged and more sensitive offshore and onshore ecosystems.


  • Onshore and offshore wells
  • High-pressure, high-temperature applications
  • Extended and ultra-extended reach drilling (ERD)
  • Highly reactive formations
  • Directional wells


  • High temperature stability
  • Chemically stable
  • Inhibits reactive gumbo/clays
  • Superb lubricity
  • Unique low-end rheology modifier
  • Excellent shale inhibition
  • Contaminant resistant
  • Applicable with closed-loop drilling system
  • Sag reduction characteristics


  • Delivers outstanding ROP
  • Reduces bit balling
  • Enhances wellbore stability
  • Delivers exceptional hole cleaning
  • Reduces torque and drag
  • Minimizes differential sticking
  • Curtails fluid-related NPT
  • Cuts overall well costs
  • PETROS Drilling Fluid System Flyer

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