Phantom Low Force Shear Blades

Unparalleled shearing and superior efficiency for improved shear ram performance while allowing you to utilize existing support equipment


Improved shear ram performance at 50% less pressure

Our Texas Oil Tools™ Phantom™ low force shear (LFS) blades deliver unparalleled shearing and superior efficiency for improved shear ram performance while allowing you to utilize existing equipment. We have optimized our industry-leading low force technology for the well intervention industry. This revolutionary blade design reduces the force required to shear large diameter, high yield, and heavy walled coiled tubing.

Featuring an engineered profile, these blades provide trusted performance that can reliably shear our industry's heavy wall coiled tubing more quickly and efficiently than traditional blades while utilizing existing support equipment without additional upgrades due to the reduced ram force required.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple shearing capabilities enhance shear ram reliability and extend length of well control equipment (WCE) stack deployment
  • Able to shear all commercially available coiled tubing sizes and grades up to 25/8-in. OD, .276-in. wall coiled tubing without a booster
  • Reduced shear force required provides reliable shearing with 50% less pressure than standard shear blades
  • Engineered profile enables quicker shearing of today's highest grades of coiled tubing
  • Proprietary hardening process allows blades to maintain profile and shearing ability after multiple cuts
  • Integrates seamlessly into legacy ES series WCE ram blocks
  • Phantom Low Force Shear Blades

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